Analyst pegs Apple iPhone unit sales at 100 million, iPads at 48 million in 2011

Apple Online Store“Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair on Tuesday issued some absolutely stunning forecasts on the prospects for Apple in 2011,” Eric Savitz reports for Barron’s.

“Blair is an Apple bull, and walked through some datapoints to support his view that the stock, as high as it already is, still climb further still,” Savitz reports. “Here are some of the key parts of his thesis on the stock: Blair says checks with the supply chain suggest the company intends to produce 45-48 million iPads next year, which would be up from his forecast of 13.5 million in 2010. Among the drivers he anticipates is the arrival of the iPad 2, which he thinks will include not only a front-facing camera, but also a thinner form factor essentially built from one piece of metal. He also contends that Apple’s production forecasts suggest the company thinks it can sell 100 million iPhones next year.”

Savitz reports, “Finally, he is highly bullish on demand for the new 11.6-inch version of the MacBook Air… ‘Our initial checks point to stronger than expected unit sales of the new MacBook Air with the 11 inch model being the driver.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Uh, for once, not too low.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “iWill” and “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. In an effort to not look stupid, the analysts are now way over predicting what Apple will do…

    Gee, now they are looking really stupid. 🙁

    I think Apple will do just great in the next few years as iPad killer after iPad killer will fall on their faces.

    Just a thought,

  2. 100 million iPhones! Apple, Microsoft and Oracle would have to shut down every Android smart phone manufacturer in the world to do that.

    I don’t think the courts can work that quickly.

  3. And the comment about “iPad 2” is ridiculous: it can not be done in less pieces of metal than current “iPad”, since the outer construction of antenna (as well as in iPhone) will stay — and it has to be done separately, or it just will not work.

  4. Please people, refer to iPad competition as “iPad Killed” or iPad Kill”, not iPad Killers. It’s about time competitors have the burden of proof, not automatic fait accompli.

    Apple has already proven it’s one tough nut to crack. And it’ll take more than simplistic hardware differences to change the scenery.

  5. “Blair is an Apple bull, and walked through some datapoints to support his view that the stock, as high as it already is, still climb further still,” Savitz reports.”

    Why do people insist on equating stock price with high valuation? If APPL split 10:1 and was ~$31 per share, would they consider it to be a reasonably priced stock??

    Revenue and profit growth are great, and well in excess of the leading or trailing P/E. Apple also has a massive cash and securities hoard and no debt. In addition, there are several positive developments in progress (expansion into China, anticipated end to AT&T exclusivity in U.S., expanded iPhone 4 and iPad distribution channels through Target and other retailers, etc.) and no significant downsides (e.g., no credible competition to the iPad). As far as I can tell, AAPL is a relative bargain compared to many U.S. stocks with much poorer fundamentals.

  6. It is easy for Apple to double those sales. All what they have to do is to get the white iPhone out ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  7. At this point in time, the answer to the “How many will Apple sell” is still how many of the devices can they get made.

    And in the USA, Verizon is about to lighten the load that the iPhone has put on AT&T. Maybe, AT&T will have to counter with FaceTime ANYWHERE and how about the always promised TETHERING!!!

  8. What, exactly, is the point of these ‘analysts’. Has anyone analyzed their frequency of being correct? It sure as shite is lower than weathermen! Do they actually get PAID for this stuff? Do they get pay withdrawn when they’re wrong?! Do they have to pay back all the money people lose by paying attention to these faulty analyses?

    Idea: Reinstitute public square stocks for stock manipulators. Bring the family and your rotten vegetables for target practice.

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