Still no room for Apple products in Bill Gates’ house

Cromwell Schubarth reports for The Sacramento Business Journal, “When Bill Gates’ children ask for an iPod, his wife Melinda has a simple answer for them. ‘You may have a Zune,’ is what she told The New York Times Magazine. Melinda Gates’ comments came in the magazine’s weekly Q&A with Deborah Solomon.”

Q: Do you have an iPad?
A: Of course not.

Q: Is it true that Bill works on an Apple laptop?
A: False. Nothing crosses the threshold of our doorstep.

Q: Isn’t there room in this world for both Apple and Microsoft?
A: Microsoft certainly makes products for the Macintosh. Go talk to Bill.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve seen a variation of this before (see related articles below), so here’s an updated version of one of our previous Takes:

Obviously, one can have all of the ill-gotten gains in the world, give away lots of it in a vain attempt to secure a ticket to heaven while being praised for it by some, and still be a vindictive, pig-headed, sore loser.

Please remember this article the next time Microsoft asks you to buy Office for Mac or an Xbox or a mouse from them. The Gates household has certain standards, sub as they may be; your home should have its own standards.

Joe Six-Pack and his wife have iPhones, his kids both have iPod touches, and last month he bought an iMac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard for the family. But, Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, is not only forced by his own ego to use some piece of crap Windows Phone ’07 phone, an also-ran media player, a third-rate media service, and an OS that’s clearly an upside-down, backwards pretend Mac on shoddily-assembled hardware, but he also dooms his wife and children to the same sad fate.

Ironically, Gates can afford to have the finest homes and the best cars, but in his very own field, technology, he must settle for inferior hardware and software. Welcome to the So-So.

Bill Gates and his family are stuck using Windows Phone ’07, commodity-grade PCs struggling with bloated Windows, crappy HP iPad fakes, and Zunes. There is a God.

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