Microsoft CEO Ballmer: Microsoft’s brand ‘means something’ to users, Apple’s not so much

Apple Online Store“In a sit-down with CNet’s Ina Fried, Ballmer was asked whether the wide assortment of Windows Phone 7 handsets introduced this week presents Microsoft with an opportunity to advocate more variety than Apple but perhaps not as much variety and confusion as in the Android space,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider. “‘I think you clearly have a lot more variety than Apple has. There’s really only one choice in the Apple world,’ he said. ‘I think the problem, if you don’t have a minimum kind of standard […] the brand means nothing to the user. Our brand means something to the user. It means something to the developer. It implies a certain level of consistency and high quality, which I think is important for the Windows Phone.'”

MacDailyNews Take: As Ballmer T. Clown itself likes to babble, “Blah, blah, blah.” We’ve heard this B.S. before: Ballmer: Apple not a hot brand, our partners will make look-alike iPhones, I gotta go – March 27, 2007

“Ballmer, whose failures in the mobile space recently cost him half his bonus, was also pressed by Fried on how his company plans to match the extended battery life and instant-on capabilities of the iPad, to which he declined a response,” Malley reports. “‘I think probably the things of tomorrow are best left for tomorrow and the things of today are best discussed today,’ he said. ‘So today, I will focus on Windows Phone.'”

Malley reports, “Still, Fried relentlessly served up tablet questions after tablet question, confronting Ballmer — who recently claimed he can glance at a room and know how many Macs and iPads are there — about his concerns with the number of iPads he’s actually seeing. ‘You certainly see more,’ said Ballmer. ‘You certainly see more than I would like. One is more than I would like.'”

Full article, with video of Fried’s interview with Ballmer, here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Microsoft brand means something to the user alright: Half-assed Apple imitator and shit-pump of needless frustration.

As for Apple’s brand:
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May Steve Ballmer remain Microsoft CEO for as long as it takes!


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