Verizon CEO skirts iPhone questions, dismisses Windows Phone ‘07

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam “skirted questions regarding collaboration with Apple,” Electronista reports. “The executive reiterated his previous comments that business interests of both companies will eventually align, but he ‘can’t say’ whether an iPhone will be one of the devices available for the LTE launch, according to an interview with CNET.”

“When asked about the chances of a Windows Phone 7 device arriving on Verizon’s network in the near future, McAdam’s response took a more dismissive tone while maintaining secrecy over the company’s upcoming handset offerings,” Electronista reports. “‘We like our relationship with Microsoft,’ he said. ‘But clearly in the US there are three major mobile operating systems: RIM, Google, and Apple.’ The executive went on to admit that Verizon does not see Microsoft as a major player in mobile anymore. ‘Microsoft is not at the forefront of our mind,’ he added.”

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  1. Seems like something’s definitely up as far as the VZ iphone–he could’ve said “no VZ iphone” & ended the discussion..I know it’s parsing words but ‘can’t say’ means he aint allowed to say..

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