Computerworld reviews Apple TV: Well-executed, cost-effective, and easy to recommend

Apple Online Store“Apple has spent the past few years trying to figure out exactly how to bring the content of iTunes into the living room, and the new Apple TV unveiled Sept. 1 pretty much delivers on that goal. It’s simpler to set up, smaller than before, easier to use — and now only $99,” Michael deAgonia reports for Computerworld.”Essentially, the new Apple TV focuses on what worked with the previous models, while dropping the features that didn’t. Its main reason for being is to stream content instantly to a hi-definition HDMI-equipped TV, and to do so from a variety of sources.”

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deAgonia reports, “You should be aware that titles you rent and purchase using iTunes on your Mac or PC can be copied over to the iPad or iPhone, as well as streamed to Apple TV, but content purchased directly from Apple TV can only play on Apple TV. Be mindful of this when choosing your rentals; if you wish to view the content on more than one device, your best bet is to download it through iTunes on your computer or iOS device… Using iTunes on your computer to purchase or rent content gives you more options [content and devices] than doing so directly from Apple TV.”

“The best part about Apple TV hasn’t even arrived yet. AirPlay, which will be available next month as part of the iOS 4.2 update, will allow you to stream content (photos, movies, TV shows) from an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly to the Apple TV. The ability to flick content from one screen to another reminds me of Minority Report; the concept is that forward-thinking,” deAgonia reports. “The new Apple TV is a well-executed and cost-effective way to bring iTunes content to your TV. At $99, it’s a product that’s easy to recommend if you’re already a fan of Apple’s ecosystem. Better yet, Apple TV is one of those products that will actually become better with time as Apple rolls out new features and adds content.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. So you can rent on your Mac, watch on your AppleTV. I was wondering about that. I knew purchased videos would play on the AppleTV, but I wasn’t sure about rented videos.


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