Toronto Maple Leafs deploy Mac OS X, iPads in quest for NHL Stanley Cup

“Armed with tablet computers on the bench, cameras to capture every back check and odd-man rush, and a mind for software unrivalled in the NHL, Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson has gone high-tech to build a winning hockey team,” Mark Zwolinski reports for The Star.

“Fans who sit behind the team bench at the Air Canada Centre may notice computers wired to mini-work stations at both ends of the players’ bench. They link to streaming devices that capture and redirect statistics, replays and live game action for instant analysis and post-game dissection. The Leafs also have access to video and statistics from around the league,” Zwolinski reports. “‘What we’re doing now is watching every power play and every penalty kill around the league and putting together what we think would be the best power play and what is the best penalty kill for our team,’ Wilson said.”

Zwolinski reports, “Not on display is Wilson’s secret coaching weapon — software developed by the coach using OS-X [sic], the Apple operating system. He owns an iPad, and has started to consider how it might integrate into his coaching routine, though so far he’s reluctant to carry it on the bench during games.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You might be a sports reporter if… you’re too lazy to take half a second to look up the proper name of Mac OS X, so that you get it right in your article.


  1. @Cubert
    The article said he developed the software on his computer and realized the iPad could be a useful extension. Could be bad journalism, but that’s a little more specific than just saying he created software for the ipad (which I would think would be a mistake by the writer). Who knows.

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