Microsoft CEO Ballmer insists on patent payments for every Android device sold

“Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer in an interview this weekend asserted that every Android phone maker would have to pay Microsoft,” Electronista reports.

“When asked how Microsoft could compete with Windows Phone 7 when Android is free to license, Ballmer argued that it wasn’t free and required royalty payouts to Microsoft to use,” Electronista reports. “He pointed to the HTC deal as supporting evidence.”

MacDailyNews Note: Please see: Microsoft: Google’s Android infringes on our patented IP; signs new patent deal with HTC – April 28, 2010

Electronista reports, “The executive didn’t comment on the just launched Motorola lawsuit, which is taking the American phone designer to task for similar issues.”

MacDailyNews Note: Please see: Microsoft files patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola over Android – October 01, 2010

Electronista reports, “A campaign to collect fees from Android could jeopardize its use worldwide, particularly among smaller manufacturers that might not have the resources to pay for a license on every device sold.”

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