Microsoft to launch Samsung, LG, HTC ‘Windows Phone 7’ phones in US in Nov. exclusively on AT&T

“Microsoft Corp. will formally offer a series of smartphones using the revamped version of its mobile operating system on Oct. 11, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing people familiar with the launch plans,” Sayantani Ghosh reports for Reuters. “AT&T Inc. will start offering these phones four weeks after the launch, which is expected to be centered in New York, with additional events in other cities, the report said.”

Ghosh reports, “Microsoft has been under pressure to come up with new smartphones to rival Apple, which controls the market with its popular iPhone… AT&T will be the initial exclusive U.S. carrier for the Windows Phone 7 smartphones and will offer three handsets — one each made by Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and HTC Corp, the report said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It took Microsoft nearly four years to come up with their first fake iPhone (with no third-party multitasking, no cut-copy-paste, no tethering, etc.). Four years is like four decades in tech years. WIndows Phone ’07. That’s how badly Apple beat Microsoft.


  1. So, Microsoft had to think: against whom to compete? Droid or iPhone? So, rather than going with Verizon and having a chance of at least getting some traction against Android devices, they figured, why not go head to head with the King?

    I’m very curious, what kind of incentives to AT&T salespeople get in order to sell this phone instead of an iPhone? It would make a lot of sense for MS to make some sort of under-the-table deal with AT&T Wireless retail network to “incentivise” salesmen to encourage folks who come for an iPhone to actually get this Windows 7 device.

    If there isn’t one, and MS is boldly going into this believing they actually really got it right (after all, we shouldn’t forget the euphoria at that mock iPhone funeral launch party for Win 7 mobile), then they must be even more clueless than anybody thought.

    My only concern is, <strike>if</strike> when this proves to be a colossal flop (and it will likely happen fairly quickly), it just could be the final drop for the MS board, which then may ask for Ballmer’s head, and we wouldn’t want that. We can’t know who will come to replace Ballmer, but it simply cannot be anyone more incompetent (other than perhaps Jon Rubinstein or Ed Colligan, formerly of Palm).

    This will be really fun to watch.

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