“Everyone loves mobile data — get your Web fix, check your e-mail and peek at your Facebook account while on the go. But no one loves the cost of mobile data. AT&T, home of the iPhone, charges $15 per month for 200MB of data and $25 for 2GB of data. Overage on the 2GB plan comes at an additional $10 per 1GB. If you are truly a massive data user, that can add up,” Amanda Kooser reports for AOL Small Business. “Plus, you can’t share your connection with your employees, colleagues or friends.”

MacDailyNews Note: AT&T’s iPad data plans are actually $14.99 for 250 MB and $25 for 2GB, unless you’re grandfathered in to a renewable unlimited data plan (like us).

“This is where the MiFi 2200 comes in. MiFi is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that can share a 3G data connection with up to five devices, including laptops,” Kooser reports. “The actual MiFi 2200 device has already been available through Verizon Wireless (where it requires a contract to get a price break), but now Virgin Mobile, known for its contract-free cell phone plans, has its hot little hands on it. That means you get unlimited data for $40 per month — with no ongoing contract. There is also an option for a $10 plan for 100MB that can be used during a 10-day window. That equates to about five hours of Web browsing. It’s a smart choice for keeping up with e-mail and other simple Web tasks during vacations or short business trips. Otherwise, go for the gold and go unlimited.”

Kooser reports, “The MiFi hardware runs about $150.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Competition – real competition – is to be encouraged at all times, especially among overpriced control freaks who like to think they’re more than dumb pipes when they’re not.