Apple Store“Apple became the most valuable technology company by winning over the hearts and minds of consumers. But until recently, corporate customers have been an afterthought,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney. “Not anymore.”

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“Small businesses and large corporations alike are beginning to embrace Apple by supporting and purchasing iPhones, iPads and Macintosh computers for their employees and by creating applications for their customers’ Apple devices,” Goldman reports. “Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, noted on a July conference call with analysts that 50% of Fortune 100 companies are already deploying or thinking about using the iPad for corporate use and 80% were supporting the iPhone.”

Goldman reports, “Adoption from the so-called enterprise market is far lower for Macs, but also growing. Although 75% of businesses have a Mac on the premises, only 25% of companies have a “significant” number of Macs (30 or more), according to a survey conducted by tech sector analysis firm ITIC. Just 7% of companies have at least 250 Macs, though that’s up significantly from only 2% in 2008. By 2013, ITIC forecasts that number will jump to 16%.”

MacDailyNews Take: As the current crop of aging IT doofuses retire or get pink-slipped or, uh, “otherwise move on,” bright, efficient, and productive Mac-using IT people will take their place. Then The Dark Age of Personal Computing, an age in which we have never participated except to marvel at the insanity of it all from behind our vastly superior Macs, will finally end. The last bastion of resistance and stodgy backwards thinking is dying off. Hallelujah! Welcome, productivity! Buh-bye unnecessary hair-pulling stress!

Goldman reports, “Macs have long had a place in the office, though they were typically relegated to the graphics and marketing teams. But IT departments are reporting a growing trend, in which employees across the whole company are starting to ask for Apple products to be supported. Tech managers are starting to cave in. ITIC’s survey found that 79% of IT departments say they’ll allow more employees to use Macs in 2011, and 82% will increase iPhone integration for e-mail and applications.”

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