Ars Technica reviews Parallels Desktop 6: ‘There isn’t any lag; that’s pretty incredible’

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Parallels has had their eye on Windows 3D gaming from the start and, with this release, they’ve finally converted me,” Dave Girard reports for Ars Technica. “I’ve been a virtualized-gaming skeptic, but the results with this new version are what every delusional Mac gamer was hoping was achievable in the days of VirtualPC on the PowerPC. The graphics can be jacked all the way up, and there’s no laggy latency—that’s pretty incredible, considering that you’d expect lag if it was going through OS X’s Quartz compositor, on top of the Windows 7 window compositor. But there isn’t any lag.”

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“The bugs in new releases were the only thing that stopped me from recommending Parallels Desktop in the past, but now that it’s been put through the proper pre-launch bug testing, it’s easier to recommend,” Girard reports. “You may not need the 3D or gaming features, but this is still a compelling upgrade. Once the iPad app is more feature-complete and polished, it will be a killer combination.”

Read the full, very comprehensive review – highly recommended – here.


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