Nokia’s Vanjoki: Using Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth in the winter

“Anssi Vanjoki, outgoing head of Nokia’s smartphone division, likens mobile phone makers that adopt Google’s software to Finnish boys who ‘pee in their pants’ for warmth in the winter,” The Financial Times’ Lex team reports. “Temporary relief is followed by an even worse predicament.”

Lex reports, “Why? Because Nokia would become a commoditised box-maker like Dell, scrapping for market share with rivals that all use Android and so seem more or less the same.”

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Lex continues, “For Stephen Elop, who starts as Nokia’s new chief executive on Tuesday, this must seem like an unpalatable choice.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Most Android sufferers don’t know any better. Their version of satisfaction is something no iOS user would tolerate for a second.