D.A. close to determining whether to file criminal charges over leaked Apple iPhone 4 prototype

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “For months, little news has surfaced about the police investigation into the sale last spring of a lost prototype iPhone 4,” Greg Sandoval reports for CNET. “That may soon change.”

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Stephen Wagstaffe, chief deputy district attorney for San Mateo County, Calif., told CNET today that police are close to wrapping up their theft investigation and could forward their final report to his office within the next few weeks,” Sandoval reports. “Wagstaffe will then review the information and determine whether to file criminal charges.”

Sandoval reports, “As part of the investigation, police interviewed a ‘number of Apple employees’ and other people connected to the case, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Wagstaffe said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gawker media properties and credible Apple reporting; never the twain shall meet.


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