Apple’s iPhone 4 to debut in South Africa on Wednesday, Sept. 22 on both Vodacom and MTN

iPhone 4 Accessories “iPhone 4 will be launched in South Africa on Wednesday by both Vodacom Group and MTN Group,” Simon Dingle reports for Fin24.

“Sources at Vodacom have confirmed a launch party at its Vodaworld campus in Midrand, Johannesburg on Tuesday night with a midnight launch of the iPhone 4,” Dingle reports. “MTN has also confirmed that it will be stocking the Apple device, exclusively available from Vodacom until now. MTN is rumoured to be also planning a midnight launch on Tuesday night, but would not confirm or deny this.”

Dingle reports, “Prices for the iPhone 4 are not available at time of writing, but both Vodacom and MTN will provide the device via contract, or as a cash purchase.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John W.” for the heads up.]


  1. You know what I find clever? Apple can not keep up with demand as is. 4-1 ratio of phones ordered and phone deliverable in South Korea and the shortages every where and they keep launching the phone in new places. This keeps people waiting for the device and keeps this idea of a “must have” device that is not gettable in those countries. Apple can’t keep up and they have more country to release to yet, simply amazing and unbelievable.
    Just like the rest of you from the old days and the really old days, I am also glad to get to see that the cat’s ass clearly does shine on both sides, you just have to wait for the kitty to turn around is all.

  2. News sources have leaked the release date end of September here, but Africa is an amazing cell phone fairy tale. The future is cell phones not Netbooks, Notepads, desktops or laptops. Easy and cheap to run, with the power of Internet and financial transactions on a cell phone, everything becomes redundent. This is the future and Apple knows it.

  3. Why Vodacom ( part of Vodafone) and biggest in South Africa. Why MTN, one of the biggest cell providers in Africa. Get more Apple products in users hands = growth. People now have more powerful cell phones than computers in Africa. In the U.S.A where GSM is limited = Carriers, Africa and Asia are a good bet.

  4. @X

    You do mean the 1000’s of tourists that are on Robben Island every day right?

    It will be very interesting to see how they price them. The iPhone is a data loving device and currently the vast majority of internet in SA is purchased by the megabyte at costs that would make customers in any 1st world country cringe. (Think along the lines of around US$80 per month for a shaped 512kb line with a cap.)

    The first uncapped (albeit shaped) services were rolled out at the beginning of this year. That being said, SA is already launching its frist 4G wireless networks (CellC in Port Elizabeth), so it would seem that while they lag behind on the hard wired internet, they are leading the charge with wireless.

    How these 4G networks will be used remains to be seen, and how it will be priced even more so – all this talk about liberating people through technology and information, skipping out netbooks is a load of rubbish. If the service providers keep the prices as they are, the marvels of modern technology will be left to business professionals and the elite.

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