Apple’s iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch includes expanded FaceTime features and more

Apple Online Store“Apple’s forthcoming iOS 4.2 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch includes a number of subtle improvements that have not yet been publicized, including expanded features for YouTube and FaceTime,” AppleInsider reports.

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“Set for release in November, the biggest changes in iOS 4.2 come for iPad owners, who will finally see their touchscreen tablet upgraded to iOS 4 with new features like multitasking and folders,” AppleInsider reports. “All iOS device owners will also gain printing capabilities via AirPrint.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’re sorely tempted to upgrade our iPads, but alas, we need our MyWi. We’ll have to wait a bit.

AppleInsider continues, “Accessibility to FaceTime will become even greater in iOS 4.2, as a direct video chat link is now included in the iPhone’s built-in text messaging application. When in a conversation in the Messages app, a “FaceTime” button now rests in between the ‘Call’ and ‘Contact Info’ selections.”

Full article, with screenshots, here.


  1. Sarasota, there is no reason your and my iPads will not be able to receive video and sent audio in a FaceTime chat. My iPads are as capable as the new iPod touch devices. Maybe they will let us connect a camera to the iPad USB port.

  2. Why can’t Apple focus on a features we need like Bluetooth file transfer with all kinds of devices. I’m sick and tired of having to wait for a feature that should have been standard at launch. I mean you have to email everything from the device and let be honest At&T 3G network is far from the best and a wifi network is not always around when you need one. The fact I can’t ever Bluetooth transfer a file from iPad to my Mac in my own office is crazy, plus other people have to the same app on there iPad to transfer pics and you can’t transfer docs from iPad unless you have some kind of network. Also, make the file transfer work with non-apple devices as well. Apple get it done in this next software update.

  3. in early iphone patent applications, apple showed an iphone sending its camera output to a “slate device”. this is coming.

    As an aside, Camera A and Camera B apps can give your pad a camera view from your iphone right now!


  4. @Producerjames all macs and idevices run on wifi. Why can’t you just use one of the plethora of remote file apps?

    Bluetooth is a PAN not a LAN and as such is not really suitable to do files transfers of large size.

    Bluetooth has historically been hobbled by the carriers anyhow. The main reason I was so happy to leave those bloodsuckers at VZW. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @dijonaise

    I work in tv and movie production and I’m on location a lot & a good wifi is hard to come by and sometimes 3G is crappy cause we just don’t have a good signal. When on location or in the production office with my mac is just so easy for me to pick up everyones Bluetooth laptops and send files. The files I’m sending are not huge (usually scripts or photos) but with out wifi or a 3G it the jump drive all the way. As I am trying to use my Macbook Pro less on location and use the iPad….. Bluetooth would work much better in those circumstances. Also, the fact not everyones uses Apple devices or has those apps on their phone or on top of the latest software doesn’t help either. To have a native Bluetooth app that works with the iPad and others would be great. In a perfect world, I would have a wifi all the time or an amazing 3G connection…….well we don’t live in a perfect world. If Apple wants to make the iPad a player in the business world then they need to do that. I want a device that can over come that and do a simple task my laptop can do and has done for a while. I don’t think I’m asking for that much.

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