Apple Online Store“Launched in April, the iPad is still racking up impressive sales numbers with 2010 shipments expected to be more than 10 million,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET. “Yet nothing has emerged from the Intel camp of computer makers, comprised of some of the largest computer companies in the world.”

MacDailyNews Take: Because, as always, Apple leads and the followers follow, often at a great distance.

Crothers continues, “And Intel’s view of the tablet is still relatively indifferent. In a CNET interview, Executive Vice President David Perlmutter called the tablet “a wonderful companion device” then added, ‘but we’re not talking specifically (about tablets) because we want to be talking when something is shipping.’ In other words, there’s nothing really to speak of yet.”

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Crothers reports, “And Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini has downplayed tablets consistently. Speaking at the company’s investor meeting in May, Otellini said: ‘On the scale of the PC industry, they’re relatively insignificant.’ I don’t think Apple would agree with that assessment.”

MacDailyNews Take: Fear. Intel’s processors cannot compete with Apple’s A4. How are those netbook and other Windows PC sales going, Paulie? ‘Tis a good thing you got into the Mac when you did.

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MacDailyNews Take: This time, to the innovator goes the spoils. As it should be.