News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch may be preparing to launch two iPad newspapers

Apple Online StoreThe Guardian’s Roy Greenslade blogs today about a “hush-hush unit being set up for News Corporation under the aegis of the Wall Street Journal’s managing editor Robert Thomson, as revealed in a memo posted by Romenesko (well done again, Jim).”

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In the memo, “Thomson apologises for being ‘necessarily vague'” in announcing only that the project will be led by Jim Pensiero, a Journal deputy managing editor who has been appointed editor-in-chief, and Gabriella Stern, of Dow Jones Newswire, as managing editor,” Greenslade reports. “According to paidContent, [another News Corp.] project is understood to be a national US newspaper title that will serve only tablets (such as iPads)… headed by New York Post executive editor Jesse Angelo.”

Greenslade writes, “So, is it possible that News Corp is going to launch two outlets – one populist and the other more serious (and business-oriented) – in the near future? That sounds feasible.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Last month, Dawn C. Chmielewski reported for The Los Angeles Times that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. was planning new national digital newspaper for Apple iPad and iPhone.


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