Apple’s releases iOS 4.2 beta to devs; iOS 4.2 with AirPrint wireless printing due in November

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac Apple today announced that it is releasing a beta version of its AirPrint wireless printing for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to members of Apple’s iOS developer program today, and that AirPrint will be included in the free iOS 4.2 software update in November. AirPrint automatically finds printers on local networks and can print text, photos and graphics to them wirelessly over Wi-Fi without the need to install drivers or download software. HP’s existing and upcoming ePrint enabled printers will be the first to support printing direct from iOS devices.

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“AirPrint is Apple’s powerful new printing architecture that matches the simplicity of iOS—no set up, no configuration, no printer drivers and no software to download,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, in the press release. “iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can simply tap to print their documents or photos wirelessly to an HP ePrint printer or to a printer shared on a Mac or PC.”

“We’re pleased to work with Apple to bring Apple’s AirPrint to our fall lineup of ePrint printers in time for the holiday shopping season,” said Vyomesh Joshi, HP executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, in the press release. “Making it easy for our customers to print anytime, anywhere, is a key priority for HP. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch customers are going to love how easy it is to print using our new range of ePrint printers, creating high-quality printed pages in an instant.”

AirPrint is designed to support a wide range of printers from entry level inkjet printers to office laser printers. Additionally, iOS 4.2 devices can print to printers shared through a Mac or a PC. iOS 4.2 compatible HP printers this fall include the HP Photosmart, Officejet, Officejet Pro and LaserJet Pro series ePrint enabled printers.

Note: AirPrint will work with iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (second generation and later).

Source: Apple Inc.

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  1. I’m glad they’re adding this; it seems really cool. However, I don’t know how much printing I’ll do from iOS, as I can just take the iPhone or iPad with me. For instance, Hobby Lobby will accept a coupon if you just show it to them on your iPhone.

  2. iOS is slowly becoming a fully functional operating system. A few more additions (file system management, etc) and it will probably replace OSX or at least not require syncing. Eventually they will allow apps from outside the app store. The inks UI standards are being discarded and a modern revolution is emerging. This could only be done with an entirely new OS.

    BTW anyone else not able to log in to the MDN iPhone app?

  3. I hope that TimeCapsule and AirPort will be able to share printers that are connected via LAN and not just with USB.

    All my printers are on LAN and although I could set up sharing with a Mac that’s suboptimal because I would have to have the Mac on and awake all the time. It would be much better if a device that was already awake all the time could handle the wireless printing duties from iOS 4.2 devices.

  4. I got so tired of HP failing to support their highest end printers and entry level plotters for more than a few years that I switched to a wireless Canon. I am hoping that Canon will jump on this wireless printing bandwagon with a firmware update (if possible) or by expanding there own print ap beyond printing only photos.

  5. The ability to print from the iPad will eliminate the last advantage a notebook computer has over the iPad, IMHO. Although I have neither, I am more inclined now to buy an iPad ratehr than a MacBook or Mac laptop…..but that’s just me.

  6. I hope they fix what they broke in 4.1. I had my 2nd Generation iPod touch lock up hard while using Mail once last night and then it locked up again while using the Weather Channel app. I couldn’t even power down. Each time I finally plugged the iPod into a charger to see if that triggered some event that would make the thing respond which seemed to work as after a few seconds with the charger plugged in it would eventually reboot.

    I have noticed that ever since I put iOS 4 on it the iPod has been less responsive (i.e. slower).

  7. Too bad Apple has gotten in bed with HP on this. After dealing with the garbage they have been making the last few years, my loyalty to HP has ended. I hope Brother and others jump on the bandwagon and develop compatible printers.

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