Intel CEO says ‘simplistic’ Apple TV is more for ‘mom,’ sees Google TV devices coming this month

Apple Online Store“Intel chief Paul Otellini in an interview today confirmed that the first Google TV devices should start shipping in September.

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“He also tried to downplay the significance of losing the new Apple TV as a possible device now that it uses an ARM-based chip rather than Intel’s Pentium M,” Electronista reports. “Otellini felt that Jobs took a ‘step backward’ by making the device less of a computer-like device. Google TV would be better since it was the ‘full Internet’ melded with traditional TV.”

MacDailyNews Take: Awww, Jobs’ widdle lapdog doesn’t like being banished to the doghouse.

Electronista continues, “The CEO still thought the Apple TV could co-exist with Google TV but that the two would appeal to different audiences. Apple’s hub would be useful for Otellini’s mom because it’s ‘simplistic,’ he contended, while Google’s would appeal to those who wanted more.”

Electronista reports, “When introducing the new Apple TV, Steve Jobs claimed that viewers wanted to get away from a computer, not just have another one in front of the TV. Otellini didn’t respond to this observation, nor did he address the issue of many already having media players, phones or tablets to check Facebook without interrupting the main screen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV isn’t “simplistic,” it’s “simple” – in a good, Apple way. Apple has millions of Apple TV customers and feedback from them over a period approaching 4 years; and Google does not. Techies guessing at what the general public wants are almost as effective at wasting money as the government. In other words, if you think Jobs hasn’t thought this thing through deeply from many angles, think again. If you think Jobs doesn’t have a plan that contains more than he’s revealed so far, Think Different.™ We wouldn’t bet against Apple and Steve Jobs and certainly not in favor of a search engine/advertising company.

Google wants input one on your TV. Apple wants input two. The difference? Input one is where your cable box goes. Input two was where your VCR or DVD player used to live. It’s a port that’s up for grabs. There’s nothing wrong with Google’s approach, except it’s hard. Really hard. It’s like trying to take the Russian front hard. In winter… The cable companies have a very firm lock on the cable box. They don’t want to open it. They don’t want to share it. They want to keep it to themselves. The last thing they’re going to do is allow themselves to be commoditized by Google or anyone else. While I think Google TV will have some appeal with enthusiasts, it’s too ambitious too soon and it’s going to need some iterations quickly. That’s why I think Apple’s approach makes sense. It’s not a guaranteed win but it has a good chance of success.

With good positioning in Apple retail stores, some marketing and growing content deals Apple can slowly educate, evangelize and evolve the usage of connected TV. With a base to show to developers Apple can then safely unveil an SDK and get the developer machine in gear. With a solid position on input two Apple can safely do an end run around cable companies without having to make a direct assault. And from that position it’s a lot easier to make a run at input one.Michael Gartenberg, September 5, 2010


  1. Jobs is correct. I have “apps” on my DVR now that I never use. Why? Because they interrupt my TV watching! Far better/easier to check weather on my iPhone or iPad instead of the big TV. What Google proposes requires a keyboard and everything — it’s WebTV all over again!

  2. Why would I need to turn my TV into the computer? I already have a computer, and a portable internet device (iPad), I don’t need another one.

    What I need is a way to get the TV stuff on the computer to my TV. The Apple TV does this.

  3. My mom would be really insulted at his comment. But she’s too busy writing her dissertation… on her macbook.

    Maybe Otellini’s mom is an idiot. Mine isn’t.

  4. The TV thing is in its infancy. Sort of silly to criticize it now. Come back to it in a decade.

    Anybody trying TV devices now are sticking out a brave limb for the TV industry shark feeding frenzy. Turf wars galore. Will take them time to realize they need rescuing.

  5. How many geeks want to sit in front of a low res display (even at 1080p) in the living room and surf?

    I think Apple has it close with the AppleTV. I do still see the benefit of making aps available at some point, but no longer see much demand for a full “computer”.

  6. Like Steve said, “trucks” are a dying breed. People want “cars” that are fast, not big ass trucks.

    It still amazes me how SJ sees the future and no other CEO can.

    Rock on Apple. (posted from my iPhone on the balcony of my room in Fuerteventura, whilst reading Hitchhikers Guide on my iPad ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Ocaisionally I use my HDTV as a display (with my MacBook Pro) for showing photos in my living room, rather than having a bunch of people huddled around my desk.

    I don’t use iPhoto. No, I can’t stream photos and I certainly don’t need the Ken Burns effect to make my photos look interesting. I also like to be able to switch over to Google Earth to show where the photos were taken or see a restaurant’s menu, or check out what Wikipedia says about a place, or listen to local music, etc..

    Sorry, but AppleTV can’t do that. Maybe one day when it can run iOS apps. Someday…

    Maybe I’m in the minority wanting to do that.
    I’d still buy a Mac mini before getting an AppleTV so I could do so.

  8. Why can I not plug my hard drive in to Apple TV and use it as a media centre proper?

    Oh yes, because they want me to rent all the stuff I’ve already bought.

    I’m sure lots of people don’t want the hassle of ‘managing content’, as Our Lord Jobs said. But for the many that do, it would be nice to have the option.

    I’m looking very hard at that rogue USB port on the back and hoping it will have (or be able to be hacked to have) the obvious use….

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