Apple debuts new ‘iPad is Musical’ television ad (with video)

Apple has debuted a new television ad, “iPad is Musical,” now airing on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

Apple’s magical and revolutionary iPad isn’t just one thing. It’s thousands of things.

Direct link to video via YouTube here.


  1. @Anonymous©
    I have noticed that, even though the disclaimer is often difficult to read. I pointed that out to my kids, too. I am trying to prepare them to be able to filter out the massive load of cr@p and purely emotional appeal found in most advertisements.

  2. @Uncommon Sense!
    Why the vitriol? The posts discussed the merits of the iPad commercial, the ability to use the iPad as an interactive monitor for training situations, and the specific apps that were shown in the commercial.

    The iPad is a tool. From that standpoint, it is no better or no worse than a *real* computer. I might add, by the way, that many people using real computers may not be doing very well at “participating in real life.” And many people are playing games on real computers as well as iPads. Strange how your statements make no sense at all when you put aside your real computer and actually think about them.

  3. @baldeagle

    I have an app called Air Video that resides on my iPad. I use the sharing features of the Mac to share folders containing my video tutorials.

    Air Video can now access that video folder and all of its contents and presents them in a columnar listing on the left-side and a preview window on the right-side for playback.

    Once playback begins, I kicked it into full-screen mode and simply tap the screen to pause and restart.

    Before iPad, I would have to reduce the size of the application window to make room for QuickTime, but not anymore. One of the most annoying aspects of that particular setup involves Adobe’s, Autodesk’s, and Apple’s use of the Option-click key/mouse combo.

    In Maya and Photoshop, using Option-click allows me to reactivate a window without dropping a selection to the canvas, however Apple’s application of that same command will cause the front-most application to hide.

    For example, after selecting several components of a model in Maya, I might have to pause the video, which is running in the background, and by clicking the pause button on the player’s controller, it has now become the frontmost app and its window is active, I habitually Option-click in the Maya window to avoid deselecting the model’s components while at the same time making it the frontmost application, but inadvertently send QuickTime into Hide mode.

    The solution? Click the Maya window title bar; it brings the Maya app to the front without dropping my selections to the canvas and obviates the need to Command-Tab, to bring QuickTime back into view.

    But old habits die hard.

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