Apple debuts new ‘iPad is Musical’ television ad (with video)

Apple has debuted a new television ad, “iPad is Musical,” now airing on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

Apple’s magical and revolutionary iPad isn’t just one thing. It’s thousands of things.

Direct link to video via YouTube here.


  1. one of my favorite uses for the iPad is, while in learning mode, is to stream video tutorials to the iPad while I’m using the application on my Mac.

    It’s like a dual monitor set up. I wish there was a way to move tool bars and palettes to the iPad as I work.

  2. @AdMan, what I’ve noticed is that every other device, whether Android or Blackberry, use SIMULATED SCREEN IMAGES in their ads. Only Apple uses actual devices playing actual images.

  3. I bought my daughter a first generation iPad because she will love it, but I’m waiting for a second generation myself. So I’m playing with her first gen iPad for a week or two before I give it to her…


    the new commercial is excellent, very compelling.

  4. These commercials are great.
    Simple, clear, to the point. They could go on forever using different words and apps for each one!

    Here’s the Music App: Nota HD

    For all those fence-sitters waiting for iPad 2.0….
    Y’know, I thought about waiting, then decided what the heck just get one. I figured if I hated it, I’d sell it.

    I pre-ordered and got mine early on Day One.

    I have ZERO regrets.

    Just DO IT!

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