Apple confirms iOS 4.1 Game Center compatible with 2nd-gen iPod touch, not iPhone 3G

Apple Online Store“Apple has confirmed that Game Center, its social and gaming networking application included with iOS 4.1, will work on the second-generation iPod touch, but not on the iPhone 3G,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

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“The iPhone 3G joins the first-generation iPhone and iPod touch models as the only iOS-based devices that cannot access Game Center,” Lane reports. “But there is key difference: the iPhone 3G can run iOS 4, while the first-generation iPhone and iPod touch are locked out of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.”

Lane reports, “Apple confirmed the compatibility of the new Game Center application on its website this week. The company also on Tuesday reset all Game Center accounts that had been registered by developers testing the golden master of Apple’s forthcoming iOS 4.1 update, expected to be released on Wednesday.”

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  1. pastrychef: From article “The exclusion of the iPhone 3G, but not the second-generation iPod touch, is noteworthy because both devices run similar internal hardware, in terms of game playing abilities. Though the devices were both introduced in 2008, the second-generation iPod touch has a slightly faster processor (532MHz vs. 412MHz) than the iPhone 3G.”

  2. I prefer to call it iTouch. I don’t care what Apple calls it. I also call generic facial tissue: Kleenex. Most people I know call it an iTouch and don’t care about capitalization. Generally, only marketing people really care.

  3. Good. If GameCenter slows down my already slow iPhone 3G – keep it off. I am so sorry I “upgraded” my iPhone 3G to iOS 4. I learned my lesson Apple and will wait before downloading iTunes 10. Ping has zero interest to me and the UI appears to be a step backwards. I am still a big fan and you produce software that is second to none Apple. Let’s call iOS4 on a 3G and iTunes 10 a bad bushel. Looking forward to the next batch.

  4. @Lurker I TOTALLY AGREE. my 3G is basically unusable. iTunes 10 UI is awful. Why in the world would Apple move the street light nav buttons vertical? Still love ya Steve but things are moving in a strange direction to say the very least.

  5. @pastrychef…. Google is your friend.

    It took me less time to find the answers to the questions you’re asking than it did to type this response. It’s mind boggling you’ve posted over and over without looking it up yourself!

    (And no, I’m not going to post a link. Get off ‘yer lazy bum)

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