Toshiba looks to take on iPad with ‘Folio 100’ 10.1-inch Android-based tablet

Apple Online Store“Toshiba Corp. said Friday that it will release by year-end a tablet computer that runs on Google Inc.’s Android operating system, as the Japanese electronics maker aims to grab a chunk of a fast-growing tablet device market spearheaded by Apple Inc.’s iPad,” Juro Osawa reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The company said it will sell the Folio 100 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It has yet to decide whether to launch it in other regions such as the U.S. or Japan, a company spokeswoman said.”

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Osawa reports, “Toshiba is among many electronics manufacturers around the world looking to ride the wave of demand that has swelled with the iPad.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bottom feeders.

Osawa reports, “Samsung Electronics Co. Thursday unveiled the Galaxy Tab, which also runs on the Android software. Sharp Corp. in July showed off prototypes of a tablet it hopes will be the “iPad made in Japan,” and plans to officially unveil the new product later this month. ‘The market for tablet devices like the iPad is attracting a lot of consumer attention,’ said the Toshiba spokeswoman.”

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks for the newsflash, genius.

Osawa reports, “The Folio 100 is equipped with a 10.1-inch multi-touch display and an embedded webcam [1.3-megapixel]… Toshiba expects the model that can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks to sell for 399 euros (US$500). The company has yet to decide when it will launch another model with 3G connectivity.”

MacDailyNews Note: The Folio 100 weighs 760 grams and measures 28 centimeters by 18 cm by 1.4 cm. The processor is a Nvidia Tegra 2 and the device has 16GB of built-in storage, with optional SD card expansion. Toshiba claims “Battery life: 7 hours (65% web browsing, 10% video playback, 25% standby).” Apple’s iPad has a 9.7-inch screen, weighs 680 grams (Wi-Fi) / 730 grams (Wi-Fi + 3G) and measures 24.28 cm by 18.97 cm by 1.34 cm. iPad is powered by Apple’s A4 processor and comes in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB capacities with prices starting at $499. iPad battery life offers “up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music and up to 9 hours of surfing the web using 3G data network.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They can’t roll out the derivative failures fast enough. So what happens if Apple’s patents are finally upheld and Android is found to contain all manner of Apple’s intellectual property? What about all of this half-assed dreck littering uninformed consumers’ bags and pockets?


  1. I’m not convinced there is a tablet market, rather than an iPad market. Despite there being MP3 players, I’m not sure it makes sense to see them competing with the iPod (any more than dog food competes with cat food).

    And, toshiba, it’s not the “market for tablet devices like iPad” that’s attracting consumer interest, it’s the iPad that’s doing that.

  2. Glad MDN posted the specs. The iPad gets 10 hours of video viewing (mentioned by many reviewers). Toshiba claims 7 hours, but that is with 42 min of video, and almost 105 min in power-save mode? Talk about not comparing apples to Apples!

  3. Funny, how they now all look like the iPad. Before no company had a clue about the form factor of a tablet that would catch people’s imagination. Now it’s all copy, copy, copy.

  4. i really don’t understand why these companies are so stupid but yet still make so much money, if they really do or just keep getting bailed out.

    I really have more respect for Palm and RIM because they at least try to build from the ground up. Even though they fail miserably a lot of times, they’re at least able to fail at their own demise, rather than relying on someone else’s shit software. Look at dell, they are going to fail twice relying on another companies OS.

    Android is shit people, it was a nice thought, nice things here and there but all together it’s shit like McDonalds, very few nice things here and there, you think it’s good at first, but then down the road it was a bad idea, overall just bad.

  5. And surprise…who is going to be the most secure against hacking and exploitive apps?

    Is that why corporate America is jumping on board so fast?

    Is that why PC shipments are down?

    Is that why sweat is running down Ballmer’s bald head?

  6. OK, so the ‘tablet’ PC was a FAIL for 10 years. Now everyone and their dog are pushing out a rush job clone of the iPad “before the end of the year.”

    I PREDICT an historic series of FAILed devices amidst this stampede of wannabes. It’s going to be shockingly hilarious. It’s going to be The Year Of Zune on toast, with all the wannabe makers being the toast. I also see this mess giving Android yet another black eye.

    Also notice how Toshiba are not selling their wannabe in techno-savvy parts of the world. They’re counting on The Sucker Effect, customers who don’t know any better. It’s called PARASITISM. Strange how Microsoft never thought of that.
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  7. @Derek Currie

    There are tech savvi people in Europe and Toshiba plan to sell there or are you saying Europeans are stupid?

    What part of the world do you hail from? If you say America, well you’re all brain boxes there. Two terms of G W Bush, need I say more on the stupidity of a nation?

  8. @ Eeek

    No one is saying Euro’s aren’t tech savvy. Just odd that Toshiba doesn’t want to take on the iPad on Apple’s home turf. Doesn’t show much confidence in their offering in my opinion.

    Bringing in Bush to the equation is stupid. I think most people would gladly have him back rather than the lightweight we have now.

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