China Unicom brings Apple iPad to world’s largest Internet market starting September 1

Apple Online StoreChina Unicom is scheduled to launch USIM cards for Apple’s revolutionary iPad on September 1, which enables iPad users to use the operator’s high-speed Internet access services, according to China Unicom will start selling iPads in the world’s largest Internet market in mid to late-September.

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The launch of Apple’s new iPhone 4 is expected to be delayed due to protracted technical procedures to add the handset to Unicom’s mobile network, according to

China Unicom started distributing Apple’s iPhone 3GS model with wireless Internet capability earlier this month, with Apple’s Beijing store selling out of the phone on the first day.



  1. Uh, there have been iPad rip offs here for quite some time. China has knocked off the original iPad and also has a smaller model as well, still Apple “branded”! It looks like a small iPad, maybe 75% of the size of one, has the Apple logo and everything.

    You can get an iPad here for $50 or so.

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