References to Radeon HD 6000 series appear in Mac OS X 10.6.5 beta; leads benchmarks

Apple Store“The latest Mac OS X 10.6.5 beta already contains references to AMD’s Radeon HD 6000 series graphics, explorers discovered this weekend,” Electronista reports.

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“An ATIRadeonX3000 kernel extension found by Netkas refers to virtually the entire Southern Islands family, including the Antilles Pro and XT parts that may be the initial mobile chips,” Electronista reports. “The chips will actually be the originally planned Northern Islands family relabeled and should run on a 40 nanometer process. The early inclusion isn’t a definite sign of plans but strongly suggests that the next wave of Macs will use some form of the Radeon HD 6000.”

Electronista reports, “Separately, a Chinese forum post has produced some of the first known benchmarks of the Radeon HD 6780, the high-end single-chip card in the line. A synthetic test in 3DMark Vantage gives it an overall score of 11,963, or well over the sub-9000 scores of the previous champion, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 480.

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  1. Boy, it sure would be nice to see Apple current with graphics cards, for once. I love my Mac Pro, but I dislike always being a card or two behind the current top of the line.

  2. wow , apple sure are moving quickly on the old graphics front these days

    maybe it’s do to do with the steam graphics update

    maybe it’s to do with the impending sep 1st event ?

    all i do know is i bought a 4870 last week on the apple store for my mp and it went from 24 hours shipment to 2-3 months this week


    maybe we’ll leapfrog the entire pc industry this time ??

    explains the amd meetup with apple earlier in the year..

  3. Macdoc
    Until the pinheaded MIS managers quit standardizing on essentially closed and proprietary MS protocols and standards they are going to fin themselves constantly painted into a corner (that is, of course, the point of propriety technologies like DFS)
    Until IT buys a clue (and focuses a little further down the road then “next quarter”) , they are doomed to be led like cattle.

    And… I am not sure what “natively” means… DFS is not nor will ever be a “native” format to anything but Windows. There are third party products for MS’s DFS on OS X, therefore I wouldn’t hold my breath for a (free) one from Apple (as apple would be kicking those developers in the teeth)

  4. “Until IT buys a clue (and focuses a little further down the road then “next quarter”) , they are doomed to be led like cattle. “

    Um, part of the reason IT is married to M$ is that they can expect long-term support for their platforms and infrastructure. I hear that didn’t work out so well for PowerPC users and OSX upgrades…

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