Nintedo slashes DSi, DSi XL prices ahead of expected new Apple iPods

Apple Online Store“Nintendo this morning unveiled a surprise price cut to its gaming handhelds,” iPodNN reports. “Starting September 12, the DSi will drop $20 to $150 while the DSi XL will decrease by a similar amount, to $170. Pricing for the DS Lite will stay at the same $130.”

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“The cut is partly to move the DSi line before it sets a 3DS ship date September 29 but has also come about a month after Nintendo revealed that DS sales had plunged in the past year,” iPodNN reports. “With Sony having much smaller market share and its own declines, the drop has been mostly credited to the iPhone and iPod touch, millions of which ship every quarter.”

iPodNN reports, “A September 12 price drop could help create a much needed price gap that keeps some gamers onboard with Nintendo less than two weeks after Apple’s September 1 music event likely brings a new iPod touch.

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  1. If sony and apple work together, they could set up the PS3 as a media and gaming center at the heart of the living room. at the moment, it is one of the most versatile home entertainment systems available. It has build in Wifi, BluRay, an online netflix connection, and a slick, reasonably friendly interface. It has web capabilities, and acts almost like an iOS device for the living room. I wonder if this is the direction Apple will take the iTV or Apple TV.

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