Apple’s Mac OS X-based iOS poised to move to more devices

Apple Online Store“An Apple event on Wednesday could underscore how the company’s fortunes are increasingly moving beyond the computer to an array of connected devices,” Ryan Kim reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

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The company is expected to show a new iPod Touch with a camera for video chatting,” Kim reports. “It also could unveil a revamped Apple TV set-top box that will reportedly resemble an iPhone 4.”

Kim reports, “While the event will dazzle with hardware, it could prove to be an important showcase highlighting how iOS, Apple’s 3-year-old mobile operating system, is reshaping the company into a post-PC leader. Apple is rumored to have redesigned Apple TV with iOS – a modern, nimble version of Apple’s computer operating system Mac OS X that is used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If that happens, it will represent a beachhead for iOS across all of Apple’s significant non-Mac hardware products… Brian Marshall, an analyst with investment firm Gleacher & Co., predicts that Apple will have sold 200 million iOS devices by this time next year.”

“Using iOS on Apple TV or the Mac would require some doing. The operating system is designed to respond to touch, so it would need to be modified to work with a traditional TV. On a Mac, engineers would have to find a way, perhaps in a virtualized environment, for iOS to run alongside Mac OS X,” Kim reports. “But the benefits are clear, not only for Apple but also for its customers and developers. Using a variety of devices, people would be able to tap into music and video content from iTunes and applications from the App Store, which offers 225,000 programs.”

Kim reports, “An Apple TV, or iTV as it might be called, could become a mini game console for the television, bringing a bevy of casual titles into the living room. Equipping it with iOS could also help turn it into something more than a slow-selling ‘hobby,’ as Jobs has called it.”

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  1. I don’t understand why everyone of these analysts think that iOS wouldn’t work on an Apple TV. If they are making a wireless trackpad-like remote device that responds to multi touch (as they have just released), and tr iOS on Apple TV is designed in a way that understands and interprets those gestures to respond accordingly on your TV screen, you won’t even jar to look at the “remote”, just the screen, and let your fingers do the talking.

    If anyone can, Apple can do this.

  2. With all the iOS devices available now, you’ll be able to control your iTV with whichever unit you happen to have in your hand at the time!

    Remember the “Chameleon” patent that describes how your device is able to morph into a controller for any other devices that happens to be in proximity? It would also become a Wii-like device.

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