RUMOR: Apple to unveil radically redesigned, shuffle-sized iPod nano on Wednesday

Apple Online Store“Apple is poised to introduce a radically redesigned iPod nano next week that will retain its trademark I/O connector despite its drastically reduced form factor,” Neil Hughes and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider. “Meanwhile, rumors pertaining to 3G-enabled iPod touches and a new version of iLife are also on the table.”

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“People familiar with the matter indicated that the size and shape of the device, revealed this week through photos of third-party cases, will be more akin to the iPod shuffle than the current-generation iPod nano,” Hughes and Jade report. “Even with this small size, however, it is expected to have a traditional iPod dock connector, allowing compatibility with the existing iPod accessory ecosystem.”

“The new iPod nano is said to utilize a tiny 3cm-by-3cm display that was revealed in its bare form as unknown Apple-branded component earlier this summer,” Hughes and Jade report. “For comparison, the second-generation iPod nano had a screen that was about 3cm by 2.5cm.”

Hughes and Jade report, “It is not clear how input will be handled with Apple’s new iPod nano. Previous reports indicated that the new, small display will be a touchscreen, though its limited available real estate could make navigation difficult.”

There’s much more in the full article, including images, here.


  1. Why does Apple keep screwing with the nano? Didn’t they learn their lesson the first time when they played with the form factor and it resulted in that monstrosity known as the 3rdGen?

  2. Jesus, Apple, can’t you leave good enough alone? You TOTALLY DESTROYED the iPod Shuffle because it’s totally unusable now, and now you’re going to destroy the iPod Nano as well? Perhaps it’s time for Steve Jobs to step down. This is getting ridiculous already.

  3. This rumour seems to be gaining some cred. If a new nano can effectively replace the 3rd generation shuffle, that would be great. The in-line controls on the present shuffle force you to use Apple’s ear buds, which don’t work for me.

  4. If it was that easy and obvious, the competition would’t be 5 years behind and Apple wouldn’t be that far ahead of it….

    Trying to second guess Apple is an exercise in futility.

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