Apple’s App Store hits 250,000 apps milestone

Apple Online Store“Apple has quietly passed the 250,000 app mark at the App Store, new data shows,” Electronista reports.

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“As of Saturday morning, 148Apps recorded 252,227 readily available iPad and iPhone apps,” Electronista reports. “The figure is a quick climb from 225,000 in June and is likely to be held up as a milestone by Apple at its September 1 music event.”

Electronista reports, “To date, Apple still has the advantage of quantity, as unofficial stats currently put the next best, Android Market, at more than 100,000 apps… The App Store also has a much higher ratio of paid apps than at Google’s store.”

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  1. @ TheConfuzed1,

    “Imagine where they could be if they didn’t arbitrarily exercise such draconian rules over what apps they will allow.”

    They’d have 4 or 5 great Apps that the iPhone carriers would bitch like hell about and increase the data charges over.

    They’d have more Porn than you could shake a dick at.

    They’d have all sorts of imbedded malware trying to steal your money and, last but not least, they’d have 8 or 9 anti-virus apps that would sell quite well.

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