Apple’s App Store hits 250,000 apps milestone

Apple Online Store“Apple has quietly passed the 250,000 app mark at the App Store, new data shows,” Electronista reports.

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“As of Saturday morning, 148Apps recorded 252,227 readily available iPad and iPhone apps,” Electronista reports. “The figure is a quick climb from 225,000 in June and is likely to be held up as a milestone by Apple at its September 1 music event.”

Electronista reports, “To date, Apple still has the advantage of quantity, as unofficial stats currently put the next best, Android Market, at more than 100,000 apps… The App Store also has a much higher ratio of paid apps than at Google’s store.”

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  1. Even though Apple is winning in the quantity department, I don’t think that’s something Apple fans should be boasting about. The App Store and Android both have an ample number of apps. The difference is that the App Store has better quality apps, as opposed to Android’s unpolished geek experiments. And that will stay the same whether Google catches up in quantity or not.

  2. I would expect Android’s selection of apps to be bifurcated between the mundane hobbyist apps that plague all app stores, and the successful iPhone apps that are making enough money in the App Store that their developers can afford to do an Android port on a lark. I’m in the latter camp. I’m planning an Android port of my iPhone app not because I think it will succeed or because I care about the platform a whit, but just as a hedge. Just In Case the platform doesn’t fail as I believe it will.

  3. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft competes against Apple and Google’s Android down the road. The stakes are high. Nokia and Rim have to be a little nervous. Hell, Microsoft has to be a little nervous, too.
    It’s a brave new world out there. Steve Jobs insists.

  4. Well, jerome, I have well more than 10 apps on my iPhone (about 50, actually) and all are of high quality, useful (sometimes even necessary), and most importantly, free.

    Try to find that at the Android flea market.

  5. @jerome

    I have a lot of apps (and tried a lot) for both my iPod touch and iPad and I must say there are very few that were crap. Sure. there were many I didn’t like, but that’s a different issue.

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