Analyst: Apple still debating native apps for next-gen Apple TV (iTV)

Apple Online Store“There is still ‘some debate’ at Apple as to what kind of apps the rumored Apple TV successor — the iTV — will run, according to sources quoted by Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu,” MacNN reports.

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“The device is expected to run iOS, and use an ARM-based processor like the iPad and the iPhone 4,” MacNN reports. “It should also support apps, but the company is said to be conflicted over allowing iPhone and/or iPad apps, or just ones meant for the iTV.”

MacNN reports, “As for a release date, supply chain and industry sources are said to hint that the iTV could ship during the holiday season, or else in the first half of 2011.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. This could be a HUGE win for Apple. Imaging new innovative games (like the new Trench Run 2) that use the mobile device as a controller for the gameplay on your TV! Apple took a huge slice of the portable game pie with the iPhone and iPod touch, and could very well do it again with console market.

  2. AirVideo has become a vital component of my movie setup. I’ve begun ripping my own collection as well as every Netflix DVD I get, and I just leave it all on my desktop machine. No need to copy anything to the iPad, which is beautiful. It works flawlessly.

    Now just give me a link to the living room and I will have maximum happy.

  3. I would like Apps that don’t take over my entire TV screen. I am thinking like watching a show, and bring up an App in a small portion of the screen at the bottom, say like FaceBook status update while watching a show, or Weather or IMDB. If I want the App to be fullscreen, then it should have the ability to do that as well. I am expecting a modified version of the iOS built for big screens, but realizing that users may not want to use the entire screen for an App.

  4. I expect the new Apple TV to use an intel processor with iOS, considering that the iOS already runs on Intel Computers, see iPhone Simulator, where when you compile an app to the debug/simulator mode it builds an INTEL (that is right an intel) binary that runs NATIVELY (see Activity Monitor while debugging) on Mac OS X, albeit in a window that appears to be an iOS Simulation that is actually just a sort or window/graphic manager wrapper

    Anyways, this could make it easy for them to simply upgrade the current Apple TV’s and not piss off current users, and will become a bridge to eventually running iOS in a less ‘simulator’ manner.

    But then again, this might make it hard to take control over the apps that get installed and make every really sad because of pirates.

    Here is hoping to my expectations (or wishes).

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