RUMOR: Apple significantly adding telesales positions; ‘very big new product’ coming in October

Apple Online StoreMultiple sources have told MacDailyNews that Apple Inc. is in the midst of an increase in telesales positons that has been described by one as “huge” and by other sources as “significant.”

These sources also tell us that Apple will begin an intensive four-week training course for these new hires starting next week. The training is said to be in preparation for an October release of “a very big new product.”

That is all we have currently. We are working to find out more information and to confirm certain things and have therefore tagged this as “RUMOR.”


  1. Doesn’t seem like a significant new product could come “out of nowhere.” There must be some production rumors. Or is it a service, like streaming TV and movies? Or nothing at all.

  2. This doesn’t sound right for several reasons. In the past, Apple hasn’t pre-trained anyone before a major product announcement.

    Apple would be unlikely to launch mid-holiday season.

    Apple is still focused on the iPad and iPhone 4, but will be promoting the new iPods…and maybe new Apple TV product, but that won’t be a major very big new product.

  3. “Product” does not necessarily mean new hardware. This type of new hire and training for “telesales positions” sounds like a SERVICE product. That that would align with the new data center opening up soon to provide the infrastructure for such new services. Apple may be starting a big new assault on content delivery, one that goes WAY beyond the current iTunes Store.

  4. Apple moves into cable! Just not connected by the “cable.”

    No! How about Apple moves into the telcom business. Just not with the telcom overhead!

    What about…. Ohhhh, who knows! Wait and see I guest.

  5. It can’t be a streaming service via iTunes – you wouldn’t need to talk to anyone to set it up – it would be done through iTunes.

    It must be the long-awaited G5 PowerBook.

  6. In this day and age it is probably impossible to keep a big secret, but maybe, maybe we will all be surprised by something utterly new and unexpected ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Apple will announce new services being an ISP, online cloud storage, Cable TV and phone company network provider perhaps… ! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />


  8. Funny, Apple is now the bisgest Tech company in the world, but even before that, you can only expect “a very big new products” from them.

    Microsoft also released a few very big products, but big in package and in lines of code.
    Apple “BIG” = Great, Magnificent
    Microsoft “big” = “bing”, Bulky, dinosaur, you get the point.

  9. “The training is said to be in preparation for an October release of “a very big new product.””

    Or it could be nothing more than preparation for the Holiday season.

  10. Apple announces the forthcoming launches of its six new telecommunication satellites for its always-on broadband network service, connected to South Carolina, which also houses the Apple Entertainment Network. The one more thing announcement will be the line of televisions with front facing cameras, and wi-fi & satellite-fi connections.

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