Steve Jobs email: iOS 4 update to address performance issues on iPhone 3G ‘coming soon’

Apple Online Store“A new email from Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears to confirm that the company will soon be issuing a software update to address issues with the iPhone 3G’s performance under iOS 4. Late last month, the company acknowledged that it was “looking into” user reports of the issue,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

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Slivka reports that “Jobs’ response was unsurprisingly terse:”

Software update coming soon.

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Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Anyone with access to the 4.1 beta (such as me) and I have an iPhone 3G. I can confirm that the speed increase is phenomenol! My keylock is 100% responsive and all the apple apps are just as fast. keyboard doesnt lag. It is a 3G so it still has loading times on large apps

    But it is speedy as it came on 2.0

  2. Initial iOS 4 made my 3G behave like an “iPhone killer”. Glad Apple is doing something about it. I think the 2nd and 3rd gen phones are still going be used in the wild for years.

  3. I hope it also means they are working on the battery drain issues with the 2nd gen iPod Touch. When I upgraded to IOS 4, my battery life on the iPod got cut in half. Since the 2nd Gen Touch doesn’t even support multitasking, the battery life shouldn’t have decreased so dramatically.

  4. “iOS 4 update to address performance issues on iPhone 3G ‘coming soon” – steve jobs


    “We are working on fixing the Freetype/PDF vulnerability that will pwn your 3G iPhone (and likely Mac’s) just by clicking on a malicious link”

    Note: Linux fixed theirs within a few days. Fast as usual.

    There are updates for Flash, Reader and Acrobat too.

  5. Thanks, Steve? I’m certain all 3G iPhone owners appreciate Apple’s efforts to fix any possible iOS4 issues with said phone. Now how about an honest to goodness print utility for the iPad! The available, and often costly, print apps all leave something to be desired.

  6. Not a moment too soon. iOS 4 on the 3G is nearly as bad as Win 3.1. Daily reboots are necessary to prevent app freezing. The Mail app seems to be a prime offender; things are particularly sluggish for the 30-60 seconds after exiting mail, something is still running in the background. It also seems like the OS might be optimized for 512M RAM and is spending lots of time swapping.

  7. I hate my iPhone since I upgraded to iOS4! I can still use it as a telephone, that’s it. When I type on it, I have to wait for the letters to show up, and playing games on it is really not possible any more. Come on, Apple, you can fix this!

  8. I went to iOS 4 on my 3G and reverted back after only a few days. Although it’s not supported by Apple, iRecovery does a great job of allowing you to downgrade back to version 3 on an iPhone 3G. Instructions can be found via web search.

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