Office for Mac 2011 Sparklines, photo editing previewed

Apple Online Store“The Microsoft Office for Mac team has released a new video highlighting Sparklines and photo editing in the forthcoming release,” MacNN reports.

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“Office for Mac 2011 is due in October and the Office for Mac Blog is attempting to wet customer’s appetites with previews of new features,” MacNN reports. “Sparklines, which debuted in Excel 2010 for Windows, arrive on the Mac side in Excel 2011 for Mac. The feature provides numerical graphs that quickly show changes in data over time. They can be generated in cells near corresponding raw data to give fast visual illustrations for numeric data.”

MacNN reports, “Photo editing capabilities will be available across the entire suite of applications. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be able to do basic photo editing, handling tasks such as background removal and color correction. The photo editing tools have been updated as well.”

Full article here.


  1. Something needs to be fixed here, methinks.

    Although, I quite like having the most recent story in full on the front page, you should accidentally do this for all articles from now on.

  2. Hmmmm……Charts that update themselves automatically as data changes and are embedded on the spreadsheet. Sounds vaguely familiar…..can’t see to put my finger on that Number.

  3. “We print it out from a Mac, and from a PC. Then we put both pages over each other and hold them up to the light. The slightest difference we consider a bug.”

    Uh-huh. Yeah. Right. Took you long enough to admit what should be the most obvious problem from the get-go.


  4. This article shows that Microsoft just don’t get it. Not content with having bloat in their programs, they’re adding more in willy-nilly. Every Mac user will have iPhoto, or Gimp or some other favourite image editing program, and yet – Microsoft decides to add image editing functionality into Word. What’s next ? Video editing ? Music editing ?

    And by the way, for an evangelist, that guy has about as much personality as a proctologist.

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