liquidpubs helps publishers customize content for Apple iPad, iPhone

Apple Online Storeliquidpubs is a set of services and technologies that allows publishers of magazines, newspapers and books to offer the groundbreaking experience of their content on iPads, iPhones, and wannabe devices. For newspapers and magazines, whether it’s the iPad, iPhone, or a wannabe device, liquidpubs has a scalable app that, through our customization process, plugs into publishers’ existing content management systems and other design tools.

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According to Founder Ryan Vetter’s statement in the press release, “Our service, technology and support is for those publishers who want digital versions of their publications to be more than PDFs. We’re pushing to give readers what they expect in a digital environment, and then some. We love knowledge. We love education. And we love art. These are the most important things in the world to us. We are committed to the idea that tablets and other like devices are the future of publishing and education. They give us a new medium to make it easier for people to learn and to access quality information, and they demand new ways of thinking about publishing. We think we have the most scalable, robust technology available for publishers. That this future is here today.”

liquidpubs caters to newspapers and magazines through the ‘liquidpubs digital publish’ solution. First, the liquidpubs team customizes and brands its technology for the publisher. This includes interface design, app customization, and linkages to content management systems, with available plugins for design programs like Adobe InDesign for ease of use and automation. The branded app is then launched on the iTunes App Store and made available for purchase by the public. The result is a functional, unique, customized app that the publisher can continue to fill with interactive content. Post-launch services and support include app updates, and further programming and design support. Also part of its comprehensive post-launch service is motion and still photography for unprecedented magazine covers and interactive content.

Additionally, the ‘liquidpubs eBook publish’ solution services book publishing houses and self-publishers wanting digital versions of their print books on the eBook marketplace. Whether it’s a novel or a complex anatomy textbook, the liquidpubs eBook publish solution promises to bring it to life. Books that have passed through this process will be both optimized for iPads and iPhones, as well as in the appropriate format, ready for distribution on the eBook marketplace. Educational books will particularly be transformed into captivating, interactive content. Based on our research, our methodology and approach has the power to transform the educational experience for students and teachers, because the converted books are more engaging.

“We’ve been developing and planning since last year, and have worked hard to assemble an amazing team of people and a powerful solution for the next generation of publishing. We’re excited to finally be out in the world,” says Ryan.

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  1. So many new start up companies will offer app creation for businesses! It’s a whole new field of business taking off! The creation and management of personalized apps, these days if your business doesn’t have an iPhone app, you’re missing the gravy train!

  2. I bet this is another rather expensive service.
    All I want is a turning-page version of our magazine that can play on the iPad as well as it does on our existing Flash-based web version. We just supply PDFs and it appears. And it’s nice and cheap!

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