Opponents drop appeal of Steve Jobs’ permit to demolish his ‘dump’ of a house

“The end seems nearer than ever for the Jackling house, that rambling Jazz Age Woodside summer home designed by architect George Washington Smith for copper baron Daniel C. Jackling and owned since 1984 by Apple Corp. chief executive Steve Jobs, who’s been trying since 2001 to replace it with something smaller and more modern,” Dave Boyce reports for The Almanac.

Boyce reports, “Uphold Our Heritage, a group that sought to preserve the house as an important piece of Woodside history, on July 19 dropped its appeal of a March 2010 ruling by San Mateo County Superior Judge Marie S. Weiner that granted Mr. Jobs a demolition permit, said Doug Carstens, Uphold’s attorney.”

Mr. Jobs’ attorney, Howard Ellman, “when asked if he had a comment on Uphold’s decision to drop its appeal, replied: ‘No. The result speaks for itself. They abandoned the appeal and we’re going forward,'” Boyce reports. “Uphold’s decision ends a multi-year effort in the courts to stop Mr. Jobs. Uphold succeeded in preventing the demolition in a 2004 lawsuit, a decision that Mr. Jobs appealed but that was upheld by the state Courts of Appeal in 2007. Mr. Jobs then modified his demolition plans to address the issues noted in the 2004 decision and won a judgment in March.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Since 2001, a U.S. citizen has been trying to get “permission” to replace a house that he owns that sits on his own property. Nine (9) years. If that seems reasonable to you, you’re nuts.


  1. Further evidence of MDN’s revolutionary obsession with Steve Jobs is the regular updates we get from them on the very private and personal matter of Jobs residence.

    Why, do you suppose, are we suppose to know all about his struggles regarding his personal house when MDN fully supports the manic secrecy of the way Jobs operates the public business of Apple Inc.

    As an AAPL shareholder, I demand to know what’s going on with the company and what they are doing about building market share for the Mac into at least double digits, but I could not care any less about Steve’s stupid fight over his house with his stupid neighbors.

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