Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen believes his firm doesn’t need Apple or the iPad

“In one corner sits Apple, the $223bn (£143bn) big-hitter that is the world’s second largest company and the darling of the technology sector,” Andrew Cave reports for The Telegraph. “In the other is Adobe Systems, the $15bn software group one-15th of Apple’s size…”

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Cave reports, “The two companies have locked horns over the failure of the iPad, the year’s most coveted technology launch, to play videos in Flash…”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not a “failure,” it’s a benefit. By characterizing it in the way that he has, Cave’s bias rings through loud and clear.

Cave reports, “It’s not exactly a trifling matter, with analysts even speculating that the deliberate snub could be part of a plot by Apple to buy Adobe, ending its proud record of independence since it was founded in California in 1982… [Adobe chief executive Shantanu Narayen said], ‘There are companies that are choosing to provide a complete end-to-end experience and control every aspect of it and want all the business model gains from it. There are other companies that have chosen to say that the open eco-system is the way to go and that’s how you would contrast Apple and Google’s business models. We’re on the side of the open.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Adobe is “on the side of open” with a proprietary piece of bloatware. How utterly disingenuous. Please read: Gruber: ‘Adobe Flash is almost as open as Microsoft Office’ and Mossberg: Flash is proprietary to Adobe, not open; developing for multiple platforms is nothing new and Apple: Uh, hello? Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary.

Cave continues that Narayen’s verbal diarrhea just kept flowing, ‘”We believe in open systems. We believe in the power of the internet and in customers making choices and I think a lot of the controversy was about their decision at that point. They’ve made their choice. We’ve made ours and we’ve moved on. It’s a business decision. With the energy and innovation that our company has, we’d rather focus on people who want to deliver the best experience with Flash and there are so many of them.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah:
• Buh-bye Adobe Flash: Porn industry begins to drop Flash in favor of HTML5 – June 30, 2010
• BBC iPlayer to scrap Adobe’s proprietary Flash for promised Apple iPad app – May 27, 2010
Apple marginalizing Adobe’s proprietary Flash as companies, designers shift to open HTML5 – May 21, 2010
Video hosting site Viddler launches HTML5 beta (with video that everyone can see) – May 14, 2010
• iPad-ready non-Flash video explodes online – May 13, 2010
Steve Jobs has to be smiling: Scribd tells HTML5 switch story, blasts Adobe Flash in the process – May 08, 2010
All video will be available to Apple iPad via HTML5 by start of fall season – May 07, 2010
No Flash Required: WFMU begins testing live streaming audio in HTML5 – May 06, 2010
Microsoft echoes Apple’s view on Adobe’s Flash; backs HTML5 standard – May 06, 2010
H.264 has already won, makes up 66% of online videos, and Adobe Flash encoding plummets – May 02, 2010
Microsoft: The future of the web is HTML5; IE9 HTML5 will support playback of H.264 video only – April 30, 2010
Facebook videos go HTML5, now iPhone and iPad compatible – April 27, 2010 goes HTML5 – March 31, 2010
TIME Magazine, New York Times replace Flash with HTML5 H.264 video for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch – March 29, 2010
• NPR and Wall Street Journal prep Apple iPad-optimized, Adobe Flash-free sites – March 16, 2010
Virgin America dumps Adobe’s Flash; company doesn’t want to exclude iPhone OS users – March 02, 2010
• Google’s YouTube begins HTML5 Video Player beta – January 21, 2010

And, Adobe’s products are sooo secure, too:
US-CERT: Adobe Flash and AIR vulnerabilities can allow hackers to take control of your computer – August 12, 2010
Hackers exploit extremely critical bug in Adobe Flash, Reader, Acrobat – June 06, 2010

And, Adobe’s products work sooo well:
Adobe Flash demo crashes Nexus One Android phone repeatedly or doesn’t work at all – May 10, 2010
Watch Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 kill Google’s Nexus One’s battery (with video) – February 23, 2010

And, oh by the way, nobody cares:
• Only 9.3% of iPhone and iPod touch users have attempted to download Adobe Flash – February 11, 2010

Cave continues, “[Narayen] says he’s committed to realising Adobe’s target of getting to revenues of $5bn by 2012. After that, his mission is to make Adobe critical to the products of all digital content providers, as technologies converge in the next stage of the internet.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Web developers cannot ignore a rapidly growing user base of 100+ million iOS users.

It’s simple: If you want your content to be seen by users with disposable income and the proven will to spend it, do not use Adobe’s Flash.

Adobe’s Ingrate Gazoo can babble all he wants, but the iOS tide will sweep Adobe Flash away regardless.


  1. Does adobe understand what portable devices require when it comes to software. Did Adobe think Apple would wait forever for them to come up with a suitable flash player? I think they just refuse to get it.

  2. I have to admit to being very surprised today when I received an email from Zinio offering me a discount on a magazine, only ti fund that their website is flashed based and I could not browse the titles on offer. I told theom so, too!

  3. I just finished college and I don’t NEED to get a decent job because I could go live with my parents. Or I could get off my ASS and do something with my life and not settle for something less.

    Adobe you are a pathetic excuse for a company. Enjoy becoming one of the fastest falling platforms while apple continues to be one of the fastest growing with iPad and iPhone.

  4. Recently, I was checking out Las Vegas hotel websites on my iPad to book a room for an upcoming vacation. Everything is in FLASH, so I found the user experience bad because of Apple not supporting Flash, and bad because of the hotels for not supporting iPad. Either way, it was bad for me… the end user.

  5. The Telegraph is a tabloid unremarkable laughingstock, And since when did it have any teeth or honesty in reporting.

    I Love how they spin this as a New story, Adobe is losing the flash battle they have engineered this is a regurgitated attempt to click bait.

    Old News, form the laughingstock of tabloid story tellers.

  6. @ Shantanu Narayen

    Please explain just how Flash is “open”, you clueless dickhead! Oh, and please show a smartphone running Flash – oops, you can’t!

    Now please devote some time – any time – to making CS work properly.


  7. Funny, I’ve always used Safari, and now with the Extensions available there’s a great Flash blocker. By simply turning this Extension on it makes Safari much, much faster. What does that say about Flash?

    Haha, Magic Word is “slowly”

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  8. In 2000 I maintained several Adobe licenses, in 2010 I am only occasionally using my 2003 copy of Photoshop, I’ve let all the other licenses go away.

    Too expensive
    Too cumbersome to use
    Not enough value
    Bad support

    Good bye Adobe, I used to love you, now I just don’t care

  9. Is it me or does Adobe seem awful protective of a technology that their competitor Macromedia actually developed. I mean they didn’t create Flash, they acquired it along with Dreamweaver, Shockwave, and Freehand. With Apple’s graphic design user base from the 80’s and 90’s, there wouldn’t be an Adobe. Instead of bitching about Apple’s choice of not using Flash, how about they just get a decent html5 software package and cover all their bases. Duh.

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