Tech CEO approval ratings: HP’s Hurd, 34%; Microsoft’s Ballmer, 52%; Apple’s Jobs, 98%

“You’ve heard of this guy Mark Hurd, right? The Hewlett-Packard CEO forced to resign late last week because of a sexual harassment investigation? Lots of his employees apparently didn’t like him very much,” Caleb Hannan reports for Seattle Weekly. “At least according to his record-low approval rating of 34-percent on, a site that lets employees anonymously dish on their bosses.”

“Also not terribly well-liked: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer,” Hannan reports. “At 52-percent Ballmer rates lower than just about every other tech CEO out there not named Hurd.”

MacDailyNews Take: This gives us hope. If 52% of Microsoft employees actually “approve” of Steve Ballmer, maybe the other shareholders are just as misguided and he actually can remain CEO for as long as it takes!

Hannan continues, “[That’s] an especially tough figure to swallow given the near-universal love for his rival, Apple’s Steve Jobs who is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most beloved boss of all: 98-percent of Glassdoor’s anonymous Apple employees report that they ‘approve’ of Jobs.”

Full article here.

More details and ratings for other tech CEOs via TechCrunch here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you work for Apple and don’t approve of the greatest tech company CEO in history, please quit. You’re too stupid to work for Apple. Try Dell, you’ll fit right in.


  1. I’m proudly among the 2% who DO NOT believe Steve Jobs is the greatest – he lied to me and that matters. I realize it doesn’t matter to the world of Steve Jobs lemmings but I refuse to be among them.

    I’ll be one of the very few standing on the ledge of the abyss looking down at the carnage below made up of the other 98% of brainless fools.

  2. Does anyone else think that this war between Apple-haters and Apple-lovers is getting more and more bitter?

    I seriously think that as Apple grows and becomes more ubiquitous, the Apple-heters are all going to burst blood-vessels.

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