Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. plans new national digital newspaper for Apple iPad, iPhone

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch is embarking on an ambitious plan for a new national digital newspaper to be distributed exclusively as paid content for tablet computers such as Apple Inc.’s iPad and mobile phones,” Dawn C. Chmielewski reports for The Los Angeles Times.

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“The initiative, which would directly compete with the New York Times, USA Today and other national publications, is the latest attempt by a major media organization to harness sexy new devices to reach readers who increasingly consume their news on the go,” Chmielewski reports. “The development underscores how the iPad is transforming the reading habits of consumers much like the iPod changed how people listen to music.”

“Unlike News Corp.’s business-centric Wall Street Journal, the new digital newspaper would target a more general readership, offering short, snappy stories that could be digested quickly. The newsroom would operate under the auspices of Murdoch’s New York Post and be overseen by its managing editor, Jesse Angelo. News Corp. has yet to set a launch date, although people familiar with the matter said the news organization would like it to debut by year’s end,” Chmielewski reports. “Although it would draw the reporting resources of the Post and Dow Jones, Murdoch could potentially invest millions of dollars to staff the operation and charge a yet-to-be determined subscription fee.”

Chmielewski reports, “Murdoch has been increasingly focused on building readership and revenue on digital platforms, erecting a pay wall around the Times of London and announcing plans to charge for access to News Corp.’s other newspaper websites. The media giant offers the Wall Street Journal on the iPad for a $4 weekly subscription fee… The initial success of the iPad has attracted other hardware makers hoping to capture a piece of the tablet market, which San Jose technology research firm Gartner Inc. believes could lead to the sales of 10.5 million devices by the end of this year.”

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  1. Meanwhile, established members of the liberal media such as the New York Times are pushing for an Obama backed media bailout with more billions of tax payers dollars.

    No, really, seriously Mr. Obama, you can actually run out of other people’s money to spend.

  2. @ theloniousMac

    I’d like to introduce you to my Mom. Another person who can’t go two minutes without injecting politics into every discussion. Oh, and I couldn’t care less about what you said, probably agree with most of it, but dude …

  3. theloniousMac,
    Seriously, look into Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. Look who owns majority shares. Look at what News Corp is doing in other nations.
    It will benefit you and the USA if you did.
    Stop being Rupert Murdoch’s bitch.
    In the USA anyway, all he peddles is fear, anger and divisiveness, and laugh all the way to the bank.

  4. tz hits it on the head.
    Murdoch really doesn’t give a sh*t what is on Faux as long as it makes money for him. High road, low road, no road- whatever. With Faux, he decided to treat those seeking an echo chamber for their predispositions and is getting rich doing so. If the money was on the other side he’d do a 180 tonight- not tomorrow.

  5. That’s right TowerTone, Steve needs small words since he is a progressive. Those small words will match your small thoughts. Shouldn’t you be on Dell Daily News?
    Steve is a progressive, burn.

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