Macworld reviews Apple Mail 4.3: Greatest improvements lie under the hood; dependably excellent

Apple Store“The latest iteration of Apple’s Mail client, like the OS it accompanies, seems little changed on the surface. Its greatest improvements lie under the hood, and while not all of them entirely live up to Apple’s promises, the program on the whole remains dependably excellent,” Nathan Alderman reports for

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“The version of Mail included with Leopard was hardly sluggish, but the latest Mail felt modestly but perceptibly faster on the 2GHz Core 2 Duo aluminum MacBook I used for testing,” Alderman reports. “On its first launch after a restart, Mail opened in anywhere from two to five seconds; subsequent relaunches opened almost instantly. In regular use, the program was never less than nimble and responsive.”

Alderman reports, “Mail 4.3 offers no earth-shattering upgrades, just the same dependable, well-crafted, easy-to-use experience it always has. Considering that it was and still is the best mail client for the Mac, that lack of radical change is definitely a good thing.”

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  1. Why on earth is there no connectivity to Exchange 2003, it can’t have been that difficult to build it in if 2007 is already there. I have buy Entourage to get my mail , very frustrating.

  2. Mac Mal still has a lot of problems in connecting with POP 3 accounts. It will continually ask for passwords and if you go to the Apple board you will see that it is a well know issue. In addition Mac Mail does not have the features of the upcoming Outlook for Mac which is coming in the fall.

  3. @Rich Apple person

    The pattern that I have discovered is that if Apple Mail’s login to a mail server is rejected for ANY REASON, it flags its stored information as bad, and demands that you give it a new password. This IMO is a real problem; the behavior should be selectable between (a) current “try once and forget it”, (b) try maximum of N times after failure, (c) try without giving up.

  4. My only complaint with Apple Mail is that it periodically downloads EVERYTHING from the IMAP mail server (In, Out, Attachments, etc) even though my copy here on my Mac is intact. Many calls to Apple tech support and it still does it. Even trashed all remnants of previous mail files & folders and started over. Did it again.

  5. Mail works OK for me. It would probably be more useful if the Contacts and iCal were integrated. Based on other comments, Apple needs to make a stronger effort in making it a viable alternative to Outlook.

    As someone forced to use Entourage at work, I hope that the upcoming Outlook client will be more than a bit of window dressing (pun intended) on Entourage. Given Microsoft’s history with Mac software, however, it will undoubtedly be crippled in some key way in hopes that it will drive Mac users towards PCs. Well, it’s not going to happen, M$. I hung onto my Mac at work through the dark times of the mid- to late-1990s, and that only increased my determination to someday become Microsoft-free.

  6. Well I have had a go with the beta office 2011 and am not impressed with that either!! Blinking MS have taken Exchange 2003 support out of that as well!!! My mail provider “has no plans to upgrade it’s Exchange servers”, im stuck in the middle as usual.

  7. Mail still lacks features the effectively defunct Eudora used to have that were really useful. I do not understand why some mail program has not filled the gap since the original Eudora died a painful death.

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