Apple already uses Liquidmetal; Guess which product and win a Magic Trackpad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple already uses Liquidmetal in one of its products, and you’ll never guess what it is,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.

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“I learned the answer by talking to Liquidmetal’s co-inventor, Dr. Atakan Peker, who granted an exclusive interview,” Kahney reports. “It’s not confirmed by Apple. Peker bought the product and immediately recognized his alloy: ‘That’s my metal,’ he said. It’s not used in European versions of the product — only U.S. and maybe Asia.”

Kahney writes, “Leave your best guess in the comments. The winner gets a brand new Magic Trackpad.”

Full article, including the place to make your guess to win a Magic Trackpad, here.

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  1. There was an article on the iPhone 4 back in June and liquid metal was used in reference to its construction even then – between the antenna and glass to give a unique fit that was otherwise impossible at that tolerance.

  2. Since the antenna “problem” of the iPhone 4 is supposedly only reproducible in the US, then the easy answer would be its antenna. But since they are confident that no one will guess, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the buttons on the Bumper. *shrug*. It’s as good a guess as any.

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