Report: iPhone users have more sex than BlackBerry, Android sufferers

“The chart pretty much speaks for itself,” Christian Rudder reports for OkTrends, OkTrends is the official blog of OkCupid, the dating site.

“I’ll just say that the numbers for all three brands are for 30 year-olds, so it’s not a matter of older, more experienced people preferring one phone to another,” Rudder reports. “We found this data as part of our general camera-efficacy analysis: we crossed all kinds of user behaviors with the camera models and found we had data on the number of sexual partners for 9,785 people with smart phones.”

Rudder reports, “Just so you know, the names and the actual photos are removed when we do this kind of research; we just see the stats in aggregate. Everything is anonymized.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You sluts. Still, betcha the Droidweebs wish they had an app for that.

[Attribution: TIME. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jan E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Thank you, thank you. Single-handedly pushing that iPhone average WAY up.

    Oh, and is that number of partners during your 30th year?
    Or is it number on your 30th birthday?
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  2. Critical Such,

    You feel the chart shows that Android users (with least sexual partners) are the most honest and iPhone-ers (with the most partners) are the least honest?!

    I assume you think this is because the iPhone responders falsely inflated their numbers in order to delude their sexual ego.

    I disagree.

    The survey questioned 30 year olds. And as a 30-something myself, I know that if I were asked a similar question I would probably lower my initial estimate…not falsely elevate the “truth” and appear more whorish that I already am.

    If the survey questioned 21 year olds, I would agree with you.

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