EC joins FTC in probe of Apple’s rules barring third-party app excretion software

“European regulators have teamed with the Federal Trade Commission in probing Apple’s policies for mobile software developers,” Josh Kosman reports for The New York Post

“In June, the FTC opened an investigation into Apple’s decision to ban developers from using other companies’ tools to develop software for its mobile devices,” Kosman reports. “Apple also shut out Adobe’s Flash video technology from its iPhone and iPad.”

Kosman reports, “According to a source, the European Commission recently joined the FTC probe into whether Apple’s business practices harm competition… The European Union recently adopted a new Digital Agenda aimed at encouraging the interoperability of technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, geniuses abound on both sides of the Atlantic.

Apple (which has nothing resembling a monopoly, by the way) along with every other company on earth that so desires, has every right to protect their platforms from lowest common denominator crapware that fails to take advantage of unique OS hooks.

We don’t want dumbed-down, generic ports excreted by lazy developers on our iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches and neither should the EC, the FTC or any other government entity. The only companies that want such a thing are those who are badly losing the App War. The Nokias, RIMs, and Microsofts of the world don’t care about the quality of the apps (and hence don’t care about their end users, either). They only care about the sheer numbers of apps that they can claim for marketing purposes.

Is the EC, in all of their collective brilliance, going to probe Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (PlayStation), and Nintendo (Wii) for “interoperability of technology,” too? Sounds really stupid, right? Because it is.


  1. I bought an iPhone KNOWING Apple’s policies regarding the app store & consented to them as part of the process of purchase/activation & AT&T, who I am no fan of, allows a return period. Otherwise, we have all consented to Apple’s policies.

    That said, this is about lazy businesses wanting to put sh8t software on iPhones. Not only no way- no effing way.

  2. Monkeyboy will use all the time in the white house to plant his commie comrades wherever he can and will find great support for all his commie policies in the coomunist created EC.

    Apple has every right to dictate what platform is used to create it’s apps for the iPhone.

  3. “But… Apple does have a monopoly… once you buy their phone you have NO options but to buy apps from THEIR store…. again NO Options….”

    NO options… Except for jailbreaking your iPhone, with enables you to do whatever the hell you want with it and get apps from anywhere. Oh, and you have the option of not buying an iPhone. Also, calling Apple a monopoly because of the App Store is like calling Sony a monopoly because they’re the only ones who license Playstation games, OMG!

    So yeah, NO options. You know… Aside from the options you have.

    “And Developers legally have NO Options but to use Apple’s development environment and pay Apple 30%.”

    Because if developers DON’T use Apple’s developer environment and pay them 30%, the penalty is… Nothing. Whoa. Damn that’s frightening. I’d sure hate to be one of the many iPhone developers bypassing the App Store… I’d be scared all the time…

    “but… people should still have the option to buy software other places.”

    They do.

    “What if you bought a Ford car and they put a gasoline fill hole on it that ONLY would accept gas from pumps secured and sold by Ford ? and if you put ANY other gas in, it would void your warranty ?”

    What if you bought a Ford car and started replacing its parts with ones from a ride-on lawnmower? Would that void your warranty?

  4. ungarelli:

    Only a monkey with shit for brains and a trolling objective would say that the world’s most revolutionary device – The unequivcal sold out iPad sucks and that world retail’s biggest international hit item – the iPhone 4, isn’t worth the upgrade…

    You deserve the fanfare that you receive – start a new movement.

  5. I am not a developer. If I were, I wouldn’t mind paying Apple 30% to reach the market Apple has. It is far less expensive than trying to build the market Apple has. If I didn’t want to, I’d develop for some other market. It’s about choice.

  6. @ Confounded:

    “But… Apple does have a monopoly… once you buy their phone you have NO options but to buy apps from THEIR store…. again NO Options….”

    It’s their platform. You can’t have a “monopoly” over your own product. Monopolies only exist outside single products and apply to open markets. A monopoly means having a vast majority share of a market. Apple doesn’t have a majority share of the App Store or iPhone, it OWNS the App Store and iPhone platform.

    The iPhone is NOT an open platform and the App Store is NOT an open market. Neither ever were. Apple doesn’t have to provide any means for downloading and installing applications on their platform and, in fact, they didn’t for an entire year. Just because they do ALLOW some application development, doesn’t mean they should be forced to ALLOW anything and everything. There’s nothing wrong with a company wanting to protect its product.

  7. @Ubermac,

    Fu*k off You Racist Right wing tea Bag As*Hol*.

    Keep your Fox news lies out of this and go whack off at your book of Glen Beck, he is real Anti American.

    Now Apple has the Right to do what they want, without the EU or the FTC pushing their “Pay to Leave you alone” Mentality of corruption.

  8. I don’t know how everyone alse is reading it but to me it seems they are investigating the fact the Apple doesn’t allows third party applications to develope iPhone Apps. I don’t see anywhere that they are investigating the part where Apple is refusing to allow certain applications from being in the App store. Unless I am missing something here.

  9. @Ubermac

    I get amused at how tough people like you are on these sites. That’s the problem with blogs and sites like this. Makes people like you feel really powerful, spouting off. You would NEVER say half of what you say here to someone’s face.

  10. It all comes down to money. Apple sales are through the roof and accessory developers want a piece if the action at the lowest price possible with no consideration to the customers. Also, as mentioned in an earlier comment, “quality norms” aren’t what Apple customers generally want. This is why we spend the money on an ABOVE QUALITY product. I was a windows proponent for years until I bought an iPhone and noticed the difference from other makers handsets (poor reception, non-functional apps, constantly trading for a new because the old didn’t work). Why should apple pay for some cheap labor/parts company making parts that could ruin an Apple product? I say we should be able to use whatever accessory we want but ALSO ASSUME responsibility if we choose not to heed Apple’s warning.

  11. FYI- Obama is not a liberal. A lib would never have put a Republican in at Treasury, a Corporate Lawyer in at AG, Larry Summers as economic advisor, nor sold out Universal Healthcare for what is essentially Bob Dole’s Healthcare proposal from the 1990’s.
    Bernie Sanders, Kucinich and a few others are true liberals/progressives. Obama has a bunch of corporate friendly ConservaDems and Republicans among his advisors and cabinet.

    Of course if all you watch is CNBC and Faux you would never know that.

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