Acer, HP, Lenovo PC sales may have ‘fallen off a cliff’ in July

Apple Store“Computer shipments have suddenly ‘fallen off a cliff’ in the past month, JP Morgan analyst Christopher Danely said in a new research note,” Electronista reports.

“Checking with Taiwan suppliers, he understood that Acer, HP and Lenovo have all cut their orders for notebooks, chips or both as of July,” Electronista reports. “Other companies weren’t named, but [the trio’s] positions in the top five PC builders points to others being affected as well.”

Electronista reports, “Shrinking orders across multiple companies could be signs of a somewhat unexpected contraction of the overall computer business. Whether it will affect the wider market isn’t as clear. Companies that focus on high-end computers, such as Apple, have continued growing computer sales at above the average industry rate, even at the height of the world economic slump when some lower-cost rivals were scaling back.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tipping point?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. Speaking of getting laid, did you see the recent survey where the sexual activity of iOS owners is almost twice that of Android owners? (From OKCupid online dating survey)

  2. Look at the source and then re-read the computerworld article over.

    Now thoes of that have been alive for over 50 years are aware of computerworld’s poor track record and paid for reporting.
    The computerworld enterprise is a failing buch of rubbish and is and has been for sometime known as the lier’s news.

    The reporting use to be very good, the past few years you are dealing with a cheaply produced click baiting nonsence just to keep them afloat for a little longer, but not much.

  3. Betting on the netbook was costly. Oh well, what’s next, tablets?

    Hell yeah! 150-dollar iPad knock-offs that chat, email, and browse the intertubes. Throw in a few 8-bit games and they’ll love us for it.

    Leave out the bluetooth, wifi, camera, speakers and microphone and bring in an oversized chicklet keyboard with a SD card and a parallel port and we’ll sell millions!

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