Acer, HP, Lenovo PC sales may have ‘fallen off a cliff’ in July

Apple Store“Computer shipments have suddenly ‘fallen off a cliff’ in the past month, JP Morgan analyst Christopher Danely said in a new research note,” Electronista reports.

“Checking with Taiwan suppliers, he understood that Acer, HP and Lenovo have all cut their orders for notebooks, chips or both as of July,” Electronista reports. “Other companies weren’t named, but [the trio’s] positions in the top five PC builders points to others being affected as well.”

Electronista reports, “Shrinking orders across multiple companies could be signs of a somewhat unexpected contraction of the overall computer business. Whether it will affect the wider market isn’t as clear. Companies that focus on high-end computers, such as Apple, have continued growing computer sales at above the average industry rate, even at the height of the world economic slump when some lower-cost rivals were scaling back.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tipping point?

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  1. the desktop as leader is OVER.

    here is waht is left of the desktop market:

    used $69 – $209 towers (most used machines at $200 are MORE powerful than a brand new $400 machine)

    new super towers such as the mac pro

    and new gaming rigs, there is a huge market for gamers, lots of peeps spending lots of monies on cpus, hdds, cases, powersupplies, and $1,200 video cards…

    good used macs are still around $400

    the key here is that even though the desktop will never lead again, it has a staying power that will never go away, desktops will ALWAYS be more powerful, and there will ALWAYS be peeps wanting to play the latest crysis or call of duty etc.. Apple is currently missing out on this market. they need to make a regular desktop, what would it hurt??!? at this point.. jsut do it already! Mac Pros are for people that have hit the lottery, what about my little brother that wants to spend $1,500 on a nice system, but CANT GET A MAC BECAUSE IT WONT DO WHAT HE NEEDS IT TO DO!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Apple you are losing MONEY!!!

  2. Tipping, no.

    Turning point, yes! It is called critical mass.

    I started converting friends to Macs 6-7 years back, and now they are converting people. Once people find out that you don’t have to hassle Macs to keep them working like with PC laptops, and that Apple’s laptops are really quite rugged, they come back for more and recommend them more.

  3. I don’t think you can grow shipments in so many consecutive quarters at the rate Apple does, without it impacting the competition at some point.
    For some time, HP and friends could cover the decrease in margin by shipping low-budget, high-volume netbooks – but that market died more or less over-night, when people saw that the iPad could do most of the stuff they wanted a netbook to do in the first place…much quicker and with no hassle.
    That market for people who want a keyboard and a useful display to be able to ssh into their servers and restart apache actually does exist – but should be pretty much saturated at this point…

  4. Burrell, it is both a turning point and a tipping point. The turning point is the iPad cannibalization of those netbooks. The tipping point is the yearly 30% vs 4% growth in the PC world.

    Mac market share: 10% becomes 13% becomes 16.9% becomes 22% becomes 28.6% becomes …

    iPad market share: 0% becomes 90 to 99% of the low cost netbook market. You don’t ride to work on a horse any more! Some things just come to a end! (Yes, I am talking to you Mr. Dell.)

  5. I bet if you looked closer you’d see that they cut their order mostly for netbooks because the iPad is decimating that market.

    Just a thought.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Combine this news with other recent news: 50% or more of students attending University are buying Mac’s and 1 Million+ iPad’s per month and you can come to two conclusion’s: Apple products are causing the PC decline and Apple is going to have record setting back to school quarterly results! No mystery when you look at the overall trends.

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