Why Apple needs to get the iPhone on more carriers ASAP

“Apple needs to get the iPhone on more carriers as soon as possible,” John Siracusa writes for Ars Technica.

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“Nowhere is this more important than in the US, where the iPhone is available on just a single carrier—one that’s decidedly not the market leader,” Siracusa writes. “The only way for Apple to eliminate the distribution and marketing advantage currently enjoyed by Android is to make sure that everywhere an Android phone is for sale, there’s an iPhone sitting right next to it that will work on the same network.”

Siracusa writes, “Only then will Apple get a fair shot at selling based on the things it can actually control: the hardware and software of the phone itself. At that point, it can—and should—diversify its iPhone product line just like it did with the iPod in the last decade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We obviously agree with Siracusa:

“Google Android offers the same messy, inconsistent Windows PC ‘experience,’ but without any cost savings, real or perceived. Windows only thrived back in the mid-90s because PCs (and Macs) were so expensive; the upfront cost advantage roped in a lot of people, who were, frankly, ignorant followers who did what their similarly-ignorant co-workers and friends told them to do. Microsoft still coasts along on that momentum today.

The fact is: Apple’s iPhone [3GS] costs just $99 and the [iPhone 4] goes for only $199 in the U.S. with a 2-year plan. I’d call any Android device the ‘Poor Man’s iPhone,’ but you have to spend just as much, if not more, to partake in an increasingly fragmented and inferior platform. There’s no real reason to choose Android, people settle for Android. ‘I’d have bought an iPhone if Verizon offered them.'” Just look what’s happening in any country where iPhone is offered on multiple carriers. It’s a bloodbath.

Apple offers consistency to developers of both software and hardware. Just look at the vibrant third-party accessories market for iPhone vs. the Zune-like handful of oddball items for Android. If you make a case or a vehicle mount, does it pay to make 14 different Android devices that number under 1 million each, or to make one or two for what’s [over] 100 million iPhone/iPod touch devices? As Apple’s iPhone expands onto more and more carriers, Android’s only real selling point (‘I’m stuck on Verizon or some other carrier that doesn’t offer the iPhone’) evaporates.” – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, “iPhone isn’t the Mac, so stop comparing them,” December 22, 2009

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam S.” for the heads up.]


  1. Yea, all true MDN, but, as you know, and as the Windows/PC experience tells us, once a customer gets used to a platform, it’s hard to get them to switch, even if the platform is incredibly inferior (e.g., Vista), which Android is not. Inertia is one the most powerful forces in the universe. Apple needs to get its act together or there will be multiple tens of millions of Android users in the US (30 M by your own calculation) who will be lost to them as customers. I’ve heard people say Apple doesn’t care about selling the most smart phones they just want to sell the best phone, but that’s nuts. They are in a position to be both the best and the most widely used and they would be fools to give up that position.

  2. Yes, one more carrier would open up more sales and Apple is doing quite well with one carrier. Even one that has been jumped on more times than a diving board on a hot, still, humid southern day.

    When the iPhone makes it to other carriers, Apple, will need more compacity than they have now. So Apple will move at the speed of Apple.

  3. I am a Mac guy for 16 years. Have 3 desktops in my house, along with 5 iPods, 3 of which are iPod Touch plus I have a Wi-fi iPad.

    I have considered getting an Android because I have had ATT service and WILL NOT subject myself to it again. I know it is no iPhone, but I have to have a PHONE that works as well as mobile web and apps. In the end it is still a PHONE first.

  4. Hope verizon never gets the iPhone. Hope tmobile and sprint get the iPhone.

    I will say this, it isimpossible that androids areselling at a 200K clip. Now if they ascribe a phone running android but without internet capability, maybe. But 200k smartphones with at least a 3 inch screen, is a tall tale.

  5. Yeah but not if Verizon try to use this as leverage to pit Apple vs. Google, either offer to pay less subsidies to Apple, or ask Google for a big payment to withhold iPhone from upstaging Androids, which I bet Schmidt is more than willing to do.

    Best if feds declare sole service provider illegal, like not being able to choose your cable/satellite provider, unless there’s physical impossibilities.

  6. So Apple can’t make iPhones fast enough and somehow we are getting worried about an iPhone wannabe.

    I’m sure Corollas outsell BMW’s all the time but this dies not make Carollas better and BMW is still making money and retaining customers.

  7. If it’s true that Verizon or someone else is getting the iPhone in January or thereabouts, they should make it known as soon as possible. That would help freeze the Android Market and build HUGE demand for the iPhone… all over again.

  8. Respectfully disagree. Right now Apple is selling as many phones as they can make. An additional carrier would NOT increase sales because it COULD NOT increase sales. Further, it would actually slow sales as plants had to be diverted from current production to creating a new product.

    As appealing as the concept sounds, switching to Verizon at this time would actually be counter-productive. Apple knows this even is Apple fans and pundits do not.

  9. If the other American carriers will let all of their customers upgrade to the iPhone when they get it, bloodbath. 2/3 of Android phone users will switch. Apple has to make the immediate upgrade thing part of each deal.

  10. Funny how so many people think that Steve is just arrogantly keeping the iPhone locked to AT&T. Wake up you idiots. Apple is tied to AT&T for the term of their contract. Apple wants the iPhone in as many people’s hands as possible – the iPhone will be on multiple carriers in this country soon enough. Wether that means Verizon no one knows, but i’m sure come 2011 or 2012 we’ll find out.

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