European Commission chooses Apple iPhone, HTC over RIM BlackBerry

“This is turning out to be a rough week for BlackBerry maker RIM when it comes to international relations: the latest blow is that the European Commission has opted for the iPhone and HTC handsets over the BlackBerry to roll out to its employees,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

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“‘Following this evaluation, the HTC and the iPhones emerged as the most suitable platforms for voice/mail-centric mobile devices. As a result, the Commission currently supports these two platforms,’ spokesman for the EC wrote in an e-mail statement sent to CNET on Wednesday,” Whitney reports. “The new choice of phone will affect around 2,500 of the organization’s 32,000 employees, according to the spokesman.”

Whitney reports, “The thumbs-down [for RIM] from the EC comes amid growing concerns and complaints from various countries about RIM’s BlackBerry network. Some government officials have argued that RIM’s tight security and encryption protocols prevent them from monitoring and accessing customer data in the name of national security.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: RIM. Dead Company Walking.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. As Face Time takes hold, Big Brothers in every country all will need to watch a lot of videos. Girls, keep your shirts on. Big Brother is going to be watching.

    Millions of smart phones and billions of video. Someone is going to have to put in lots of overtime. Pass the popcorn!

  2. Indonesia is the latest muslim country complaining about RIM being too secure; that break in a see what their citizens are up to. There’s a joke in here somewhere but I’m not going to ruin a thread.

  3. Lokiz, no. RIM processes the e-mail off their servers which I believe are in Canada. Apple lets you use what ever e-mail service you want. If a government have access to that service in their country then they can do what ever the people of that country has let them do.

    Did you not see just a few days ago where the Federal Government past a law that (I believe it is) the FBI has the right to see all corporate e-mails WITHOUT A WARENT and the company is band from telling anyone it has or is being done! THAT IS HERE NOW IN THE USA!

  4. Lokiz,

    There is a justification to this: the EU’s administrative functions is so riddled with corruption that being able to monitor what’s going on is absolutely essential.

  5. silverhawk, I need to get back to work and get something done today. This government is working hard to change what we expect them to be protecting. Truth, character and integrity are getting harder to come by in our USA government. Overseas, it’s even harder to come by and some never had it. I hate to see use loosing our.

    Have a good day.

  6. Jersey_Trader;

    It seems that the law you’re talking about has been passed almost ten years ago (The Patriot Act), and no new additional snooping permissions have been afforded to the FBI by this one — just the ability of the court system to question the justification of requests for information.

    Obviously, this isn’t just hair-splitting, but the point remains that the reach of FBI deep into the people’s privacy has been there ever since 11 Sept event. And FBI seems to love it so much, they simply don’t want to give it up…

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