Apple iPhone 4 leads Popular Mechanics’ online ‘Cellphone Camera Comparison Test’

Popular Mechanics is conducting an online “Cellphone Camera Comparison Test.”

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While no smartphone can replace a dedicated camera (at least not yet), when it comes to convenience, nothing beats these always-on-you gadgets. To see which is the best, we pit six new cameraphones against each other in a variety of circumstances. We then uploaded each camera’s entry for you, the reader, to judge. Vote on your favorite shots from each batch below, and we’ll follow up with the winning models.

Current poll results:

1. Apple iPhone 4 – 40.60%
2. Sprint EVO 4G by HTC – 21.05%
3. Droid Incredible by HTC – 18.05%
4. Motorola Droid X – 12.78%
5. iPhone 3G – 04.51%
6. Palm Pre Plus – 03.01%

See the test shots and vote here.


  1. What a lousy shootout! They should have placed full res images without saying which device took what. This is totally useless and only reflects the percentages of fanboys hitting their site.
    I am still waiting for my iPhone 4 but must say that the yellow cast in artificial lighting requires a patch.

  2. … my earlier question regarding which is the best camera. Yet, they started the piece by saying “…no smartphone can replace a dedicated camera (at least not yet)…” – which has been my opinion all along.
    If you decide to vote, and vote honestly, be sure to check ALL the pictures – there are six in each batch. Also, there are many (often minor) flaws you can’t see in the thumbnails but CAN see in the larger images. The iP4 is certainly the winner, IMO.

  3. LOL. Now it’s 80% for iPhone 4. Popular Mechanics obviously just wants hits to their web site. They probably just collected a bunch of phones people in the office were using, and put up a story. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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