MacNN reviews Elgato Turbo.264 HD Software Edition

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“If you seek an easy to use video conversion utility to convert a wide range of video files into H.264 to view on your iPad, iPhone, PSP, or gaming console, this could be the app you seek,” MacNN reports.

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“Initially, I approached this utility from Elgato with some skepticism,” MacNN reports. “Why would you want to spend $49.95 on a utility when much of its functionality can be had in Apple’s own QuickTime X, which is built into to Snow Leopard?”

“You would expect it to be faster, right? Ironically, given its title, speed isn’t its forte; however, flexibility and ease of use are its strong points,” MacNN reports.

Read more in the full review, with screenshots, here.


  1. @bbock

    I’m sorry to hear that. I have the hardware version too, and if you tinker with the settings a little, I think you can get excellent results. I’ve got dvds that I encode in HD on the elgato and they look just great on my HDTV with apple TV.

  2. I find the quality of the encoded video good, then again I do not put it up on a large screen TV and stick my nose up to the screen looking for flaws.
    Using other tools as well as the turbo hd stick-I can encode an entire 4 episode DVD in the time it takes Handbrake to do 1 episode.

    Haven’t tried it without the hardware dongle.

  3. @ Wha,
    No, VisualHub and Handbrake do not benefit from Turbo.264 hardware. Former is no longer developed, and Handbrake explicitly said they will not rely on specific hardware as they stay true to open-source and support various OS.
    Besides, if you get the latest version of Handbrake for OSX, it is incredibly fast. My iMac is now 2 generations old (24″ 2.66Ghz C2D, 4GB ram), but can encode about 4 DVD movies into iphone format overnight.

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