Apple’s Safari makes meaningful gains in browser share

“Internet Explorer’s remarkable rebound is the most noticeable trend in this months’ browser market share statistics, but a more subtle and important change is the growth of Apple’s Safari browser,” Jared Newman reports for PC World.

“The two-month rise for Internet Explorer is fairly easy to explain: Microsoft’s been advertising, with two commercials airing during primetime on Fox,” Newman reports. “Those ads started in June, the same month Internet Explorer bounced back over the 60 percent mark. Ads are a band-aid measure, and they don’t say anything profound about the browser market itself.”

Newman reports, “Meanwhile, Safari has grown steadily since November 2009, cracking the 5 percent mark for the first time. With Chrome hitting its first brick wall this month, dropping from 7.24 percent to 7.16 percent, Safari is the only browser to have gained consistently over the last year… In five years, mobile devices may be the most popular way to go online, according to a recent study by Morgan Stanley. Safari’s consistent climb is foreshadowing.”

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  1. It isn’t computers. It isn’t cellphones. It isn’t tablets.

    Its the ecosystem, Stupid.

    Currently, there is but one ecosystem player, and that’s Apple.

  2. Have you tried Chrome?

    I use Safari and Chrome side by side. Safari as my “work” browser when I want to bring up something. Chrome loads pages when I click on links in other applications, which tend to be non-work related. Keeps my browsing activities nicely separated.

  3. The AD Block extension completely stripped away all the ads off this webpage!

    Just, wow!

    Safari 5 is now much more robust and with the growing list of extensions, I am enjoying the intertubes much more these days.

  4. Bunk ‘n’ Stuff

    You must have some other problem. Safari, especially the new upgrade, is clearly faster for me than Firefox. Even if it weren’t, Firefox is so aesthetically challenged, it’s a bad experience

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